A Day In The Life Of An American Dungeon – Part 2

By Eric Le Roy

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Content 21+   So of course we have to discuss the race thing too. Anderson makes America sound like South Africa during apartheid. Like Johannesburg while Mandela was spending his 27 years inside. That’s a load of crap.

   It was true in the past that black people (or colored people as they were called then when the speaker was trying to be polite) form a high percentage of jail and prison inmates. (And here I should add that the astronomical incarceration rates are mostly drug-related, and that sort of street crime is a revolving door of jail, release, jail, release.) Black males are the largest percentage that are in lock-up, but – quite the opposite of what Anderson would have us believe – they are not there because they are Black (or Brown) but because they are the ones committing most of the fucking crimes.

   I would wager that Mr Anderson has never spent any time in a big American city like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta,or D.C. If had, he would know that the urban population of these cities is mostly Black (the Whites having fled to the suburbs), and these cities usually have Black mayors (often women) and many of the public officials and bureaucrats are now African-American. If Anderson thinks for ONE MINUTE that in America, snarling, club wielding White cops go around seizing innocent Blacks at random and slinging them in vans headed straight to the Whipping Post and the Dungeon and then to a Tall Tree with a Dangling Noose – he is completely Full of Shit.

   The liberal media in America goes out of its way to promote, cycle, and recycle the Victim Mythology that exists, and it is THIS mentality that keeps Black people in psychological chains. For example, in the 1960s, when institutional racism was still alive and well everywhere you looked, 75% of black families were together. They worked, prayed, and raised their kids together. This, when the white world was against them.

    NOW, 80% of inner city black kids grow up in broken homes, absent a father and often a mother – or if these dysfunctional ‘parents’ are around they present negative influences. In fact, Black life in America is basically a Matriarchy because the men, that is to say the male units who should behave as fathers, teachers, and mentors, are often nowhere to be found. Unless you check out the nearest jailhouse. This is NOW, after all Affirmative Action, Headstart, quota systems, inexhaustible grants and athletic scholarships, etc. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, these individuals are often their own worst enemies.

    America has always been a land of Immigrants. Well, you don’t see immigrant Jews, Asians, Indians or even educated Africans living like this. So apply your own logic, but leave out the idea that opportunities do not exist, because they do.

    Nor is the media interested in the great number of Success Stories of African Americans. In the US, there are millions of Black professors, doctors, lawyers, executives, authors, entertainers, and entrepreneurs who are handsomely rewarded for their achievements. In the US there has been a Black President and currently a Black Vice-President; the former Head of the Military, Colin Powell, was Black. The former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, is Black. There are now Two Black people (and a man a woman) sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court. Rich Black superstars in sports and entertainment are everywhere. Tiger Woods and Serena Williams dominated their sports (golf and tennis) that used to be snow white. Oprah Winfrey, a Black talk show host and celebrity for years and years, is an American institution. Will Smith won an Oscar. There is NO aspect of American society today where African Americans are excluded. 

    And yet the racial tensions refuse to disappear. Whatever the reason, it is NOT due to lack of opportunity. I have my own opinion: in the past Black people had no power and therefore were forced to be outwardly submissive. Now, far from being helpless, they HAVE power – enough power and confidence and clout to say “Fuck You, Whitey.” The bitter tension therefore is the result of More – not Less – equality. The simmering and justifiable resentments that could not be uttered in the past are now at full cry.  Hence, full scale confrontation.

   The main problems are NOT with Black people who have ‘made it’ (although they tend to complain a lot even as they sit in their fine residential suburban homes right next to the rich white folks.) No, the problem is the Inner City, and there are sprawling, incredibly violent inner city ‘Hoods’ (once upon a time the word was ‘neighborhood’) all over the country. I absolutely DEFY Mr. Anderson to take a walk in one of those places after dark, especially if there are no cops, White OR Black, to protect him. 

   Black on Black crime in the US is FAR WORSE than White on Black, or even Black on White, crime.

   The truth is that Mr. Anderson lives in a fantasy world. His view is the very same one that Russian propaganda promotes every day. America is the Great Satan. 

   If I wanted to, I could point out the Real problems America faces today. Endless gun violence, the vicious warfare between MAGA and WOKE ideologies, Opioids, the ridiculous nonstop horse shit regarding ‘gender’, Identity politics, Social Media, the lack of political leadership, and, Yes Yes Yes, Race Relations. I don’t  like America much, and I certainly wouldn’t ever consider living there again. 

   Nevertheless, of all the things that really are wrong with the country, very few of them  resemble the wild misconceptions that Russians have about Americans, even as they envy and try to imitate them at every turn. Russians spend more time worrying about America than trying to fix themselves.   

   As for Russian prisons, maybe Mr. Anderson should explain the Russian prison system to his readers. And try reading Solzhenitsyn and Shalamov. Then he would get an idea of how a prison should REALLY be run by thugs who have no respect for human life. Maybe he could explain what happened to Alexei Navalny.

   Look, any time, any place, in any country in the world – except maybe the cozy resorts in shangralas like Denmark and Norway – prison is Hard Time. Squeeze them cheeks or you might get a ‘raw doggin’ from Big Bubba or Big Bobo. Be careful in the shower or in the yard because somebody might stick a shank in you, made from a little bar of soap that can slit your throat.

  That’s prison. Get over it.

  But these places are not medieval torture chambers, galleries where the shrieks of the disembowelled fade amid the splash of blood on the stony floors where ghastly ghouls in black uniforms and hoods swing their clubs with savage abandon on the bursting skulls, cackling with mad laughter and singing obscene, smutty songs at the tops of their foul voices while they mercilessly trample out every vestige of human decency, then defecating on the corpses as they dismember the bodies, and howling with devilish laughter and slobbering guffaws as they swill their whiskey deep into the night while swapping vile tales of the hideous barbarism they have just inflicted on the hapless inmates who begged pathetically for their lives even as their final agonized breaths were being snuffed by the brutal brain bashers who are generously rewarded with fine estates in the best suburbs by the rapacious and avaricious  profiteers who Rule America.

   Or maybe what I have described is just your Penny Dreadful  idea of the typical American lock-up – a bit of Sound and Fury signifying Nothing? Could that be it, Mr. Anderson? Like….something you heard about maybe? And that makes it true?