From Traditional Scams to the Mirage of Fiat and Crypto

Content 18+ It's time to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, to uncover the layers of deception that cloak our so-called financial system. You see, in the grand scheme of things, what we perceive as scams are merely cogs in a much larger machine—a machine designed to perpetuate control, to maintain the illusion of choice and freedom.

Take, for instance, the curious case of Collateralized Debt Obligations, or CDOs. Ingenious, … Read the rest

The Inevitable Catastrophe: Militarization, Rightism, and the Precipice of Global Annihilation

Content 21+ In the chaotic theater of geopolitics, a perilous trend emerges - the rampant militarization of states across the globe, fueled by the ascendance of right-wing ideologies and the cult of authoritarian leadership. As nations arm themselves to the teeth, flaunting their military prowess in a display of dominance, the specter of war looms ominously over the horizon. But in an era where the instruments of mass destruction at … Read the rest

A Profitable Plague

Content 21+ In the underbelly of civilization, a festering sore festers, nurtured not by justice, but by the insatiable hunger for profit. The prison industrial complex, a vile concoction of corporate greed and state-endorsed brutality, thrives on the torment of human souls. Beneath the façade of law and order lies a thriving industry built upon the suffering of the downtrodden, the marginalized, and the discarded.

Let us delve into this … Read the rest

Goddamn Millenials!

Content 18+ Typically, it's Eric who responds to me, but presently, as I peruse his articles, I find I've got a thing or two to pass on to him. You discourse on contemporary existence, nascent generations, ignorance, and technological enslavement...

Ah, the very word 'Millennial' seems to drip with disdain from the lips of many a Baby Boomer. They look upon this younger generation and see a landscape littered with … Read the rest

The Dream That Consumes Us

Content 21+ In the grand theater of human existence, civilizations rise and fall, leaving their marks like actors exiting the stage. One role that continues to be recast is the pursuit of prosperity, driven by intoxicating ideals. The American Dream, a concept as American as apple pie, plays this role to perfection. But beneath its glossy veneer lies a sinister truth. It promises success and wealth but also fuels ecological … Read the rest