The Illusion of Free: The True Cost Behind Digital Services

Content 14+ In the digital age, a curious paradox prevails: the assumption that certain services, notably exemplified by behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Gmail, ought to remain gratuitous. This expectation, while seemingly innocuous, belies a profound misunderstanding of the intricate economic ecosystem underpinning the digital realm. Delving into the depths of this enigma unveils a panorama of hidden costs and obscured complexities that belie the illusion of 'free.'

At … Read the rest

A Serious Change Of Heart

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ Of late, I have noticed a host of things regarding AI which are more compelling than my previous – and mostly unscientific – assessments. For example, being a storyteller by trade, that is to say, more interested in the outcomes of human relationships than in raw technology for its own sake, I have tried to imagine a future in which robots and humans will … Read the rest

Cossack Odyssey: Echoes Through Time

Content 6+ Lately, my curiosity about my ancestral roots has been growing stronger—a fascination that seems to blossom with age and the realization of how political decisions can shape the lives of ordinary people, often against their will.

The inklings of my family's origins had always hinted at a land farther east than my own birthplace. It wasn't until a DNA test confirmed this suspicion that I truly began … Read the rest

Reversing the Tide: How Exercise and Tech Supercharge My Battle Against Diabetes

Content 6+ It's been a while since I last posted about this topic, but now this matter is too significant not to share. I made two critical changes in my life, and after dealing with diabetes for over 8 years, I successfully reduced my reliance on medication and achieved a much healthier state.

The first change involves my exercise regimen. I now engage in training twice a week, dedicating 1.5 … Read the rest