My Lady Of The Caves

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ In my compulsive search for new and entertaining stuff to read, I came across an article about a 75,000 year old skull found somewhere in Iraq. Turns out it was that of a Neanderthal woman, and from the fragments, the paleontologists’ enhancement specialists were able to recreate an approximate facial likeness. It looks pretty convincing to me.

Most people don’t know this, but there … Read the rest

Slaving Online

Content 14+ In an era where the boundaries between the digital and physical realms blur, a peculiar phenomenon has emerged, ensnaring individuals in a relentless grip of expectation and obligation. The concept of being perpetually "online," once a mere convenience, has transformed into an unyielding demand. This incessant connectivity, heralded by the technological revolution, has bestowed upon us both a blessing and a curse.

Consider the plight of the modern … Read the rest

Engineering The Engineer

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ In reading Artem’s latest essay about genetic engineering “Genetic Engineering: A Moral Quandary or Humanity’s Evolutionary Pathway”, I am immediately struck by the fairness of the article. Thus it reads, mercifully, not like some ham-fisted polemic, but rather as the voice of someone quietly, but almost desperately, seeking answers to an event that is unmistakably (one could say ominously) gathering steam on … Read the rest

The Death Penalty: Justice or Barbarism?

Content 18+ Few topics elicit such polarized fervor as the debate surrounding the death penalty. This contentious issue, much like a pendulum, swings between the dual poles of justice and barbarism. Let us embark on an intellectual odyssey to dissect this complex issue with the clarity it demands.

Advocates of the death penalty often frame it as the ultimate form of justice — a deserved retribution for heinous crimes. … Read the rest


By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ We have all seen those films where the ghastly monster, often disguised as a human being, gets doused with the anti-ghoul antidote and immediately shrivels up into a spider-like coil of venomous and gleaming toxins and finally extinguishes, leaving only a sort of scab. I think the total disintegration is meant to show the meagerness of evil once it is caught by the ear.… Read the rest