Death in the Country. And the Guns in USA, along with Russian opinion.

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As I talk to my Russian friends about the recent slaughter in Las Vegas. I am amazed by their defense of America and firearms possession, and their eagerness to point out that this sort of thing happens globally. One of my good mates, who is a journalist, even went to the trouble of researching many incidents in Russia where various people, including the police, have just freaked out and started shooting. The problem here is that some of the worst criminals, if they have enough money, seem to be able to get away with it. But this is simply stupid Russian mentality, just as the absolute failure to cope with gun control in America is an apparently permanent fixture of stupid American mentality.

Artem, my partner on this blog, who has just returned from the USA with a beamingly positive impression, likewise rushed to direct my attention to the many terrorist attacks in Europe, and he also recalled the mass murder in Norway some years ago, which apparently had to do with hatred of immigrants. An attempt, of course, to provide a sense of balance and not blame the poor Americans for EVERYTHING.
Ok, all well and good. This just proves that the world is dangerous. All over. But here is the distinction I would make. Most -- though assuredly not all -- mass murders are either politically or religiously motivated. That they are carried out by lunatics is beyond dispute, but it depends on the nature of the lunacy. Truly crazy people (psychopaths such as Chikitilov and Ted Bundy, for example) often demonstrate extraordinary cunning in planning their crimes and avoiding capture. So they are not mouth-foaming psychotics, but we must surely agree that they were...well, for lack of a better word, 'crazy', right?
Take ISIS, on the other hand. These monsters use religion as a shield to hide their mania behind. I have no interest at all in defending 'true' religion (I think it is all bullshit), but I would concede that the VAST majority of religious people around the world are not in the least interested in becoming mass murderers. Nevertheless, inasmuch as religious faith is NOT based on logic but rather on belief in the supernatural, we must always expect religious fanatics to be unreasonable at best and potentially dangerous at worst.
So it remains that 'religion', albeit a twisted form of it, explains ISIS homicidal mentality. These vomitous murderers are not 'spiritual' people in the least; they are scumdogs of the worst kind. But it is all connected to 'religion.'
In America, I would argue to my Russian friends, the situation is different. For the most part, the killers (the mass murderers) have no tangible religious or political affiliation. They are simply flawed products of American culture whose misdirected fury is invariably connected to some perceived sense of rejection. It is important to note that, in a nation where Black violence and crime is rampant, most of these mass murderers are White men. It may at first seem surprising, but it really isn't.
White men in America (and now corporate women too) buy into this 'team' concept completely. In fact, that is what you have to say at job interviews: I am a 'Team Player'. In fact and in truth -- though it is not politically correct to say it out loud -- the reason why White men succeed in America and Black men often do not -- is that Black men do not relate well to the concept of a team, nor therefore of 'corporate' mentality. Basically, they are too emotional, too down-to-earth, too real. But White men play the game. They succeed in numbers. They have the graphs and statistics and flow sheets to demonstrate, beyond the shadow of a doubt, their successful endeavors and triumphant accomplishments.
But often there are traps planted amid this squeaky-clean, image-obsessed, smiley-faced culture which insists on 'playing the game' and on clearly defining 'winners' and 'losers.' Only in America is a sportsman or sports team which has played in the championship game three or four times and never won, never given credit just for getting there or for competing at the highest level: NOT!  They are branded as "LOSERS."
It's the worst thing you can be in America. And even over there, in "God's Country", there are inevitably more Losers than Winners. Never think otherwise, my friends. And the Losers take it hard. Their anger builds and builds and builds...until, oh every now and then, it just spills over. It builds until it spills.
This is why I say that Russian violence, as truly primitive as it can be, is comprehensible, given the limitations and frustrations of Russian life. It doesn't excuse it; but it explains it. To some degree.
And, you know, to a certain extent we are consoled when we have an explanation (even a false one) or a reason. ("He did it because he was poor.")  Or even, from the religious standpoint ("He did it because he was evil.")  But what about ("He did it because he was bored.") or ("He did it for no reason at all.") What about that? Then...we feel the ultimate frost of a meaningless universe, like the fear of primeval darkness. Like the first humans must have felt. Better to call cancer 'cancer' than to have no name for it at all. Yes?
Otherwise, we have to confront existential angst, The vast emptiness of the cosmos. Ultimate absurdity. No wonder many people choose God. But then 'God' all too often turns out to be another trap, another "escape room", another dead-end street. Eternally out-to-lunch,
In most countries -- and in most scenarios, this rising fury, based on gray-walled, bleak-windowed frustration, ends up in street fights, people getting knifed, beaten, etc. "I live on 4th street and so I am going to go over to 5th street and kick some guy's ass." Friday night mentality after a week of shoveling shit or turning dials in the factory for pocket money
In America, people think 'Big". It's the only way. But beneath the glamorous brash grin of the All-American boy or girl (every tooth in place and glittering like a Broadway show) there is a confrontational hostility that, in my opinion, exists nowhere else on earth.
And guns are available to supply a quick enforcement of rejected hopes, mocked values, frustrated ambitions, and the sense of eternal loneliness that can ONLY occur in a place where all the latest cutting edge toys are sitting on the counter and newest state-of-the-art gadgets are available, affordable, and : LIMITLESS. So you buy more of them. More and more, as an alcoholic drinks more and more, always believing that the next glass of booze will provide the cure that the thousand previous ones did not. The wife... never happy. The kids never grateful. And you, inwardly raging at this UNFAIR insult of your generous intentions and benevolent humanity, want to lash out, But you can't. You have to swallow it, For YEARS,
You go for a walk in the park and see other people, seemingly content. Why are they happy, you wonder, and you are miserable?  But maybe it is just a Facebook happiness? How would you know? 
When you have everything and are still empty, and when God does not rescue you -- when you are always left "Waiting for Godot" -- sometimes the gun is the answer. Sometimes a gun will instantly cure an otherwise incurable cancer of the despairing inner being.
It is a form of magic. For five seconds, or ten or twenty, or, as in Las Vegas the other night, maybe for a half hour, you are God and you control a universe that you have learned, over many years, to hate.
That's why they do it,
In America, these things happen, repeatedly. In a couple of months, it will happen again, and when it does, I will remind you.

===Eric Richard Leroy==

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