Demoralizator, or Hello, monkey!

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Content advisory 18+ I decided to start writing my posts in English as well as in Russian. Why so? Well, I’m here for the future, and English is an international language. I honestly think that limiting yourself just to one language is a demonstration of laziness…or stagnation, or stubbornness.

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Many nations consider themselves as indisputably ‘great’, forgetting the darker sides of their history, ignoring the fact, amid the shifting geography of the earth (continental drift, various Ice Ages and consummate droughts, etc.), the nomadic migrations of the people up and down the planet from time immemorial, the comings and goings of marauding armies, the building and dissolution of empires, that,in the end, no nation is better than any other as a pure “nation” or superior race. So if you busy yourself hating, say, the gypsies, you are basically loathing yourself too. Call someone a ‘nigger’ and then look in the mirror, nigger (please remember that homo sapiens as you are came from the sub-Saharan region). You see yourself?

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Come here, people, listen, I will give you more.
Homo Sapiens, best among animals, the most intelligent one, or even super-animal. That would be right speaking about Sub-Saharan Africa, my friends. Those of you who are white-skinned should know that you have puny genes of archaic humans (something much closer to apes) in the amount of 1 to 4%. So, next time you look in the mirror and see the configuration of lines and swirls which constitute the face by which you think to distinguish yourself from others, and which you imagine elevates you to a high pinnacle along the evolutionary track, (I honestly hope I’m just kidding here), realise please (like the sudden stabbing from a dagger) that actually you are still not far away at all. Your brain is the same as that of the caveman: anatomically it is no different. Just packed full of more details and ‘facts’ (some might say “bullshit”). Just as me.

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Going even deeper (and harder), note that about 8% of your genes came from (mostly decayed) endogenous retrovirus sequences. Yep, you are at least 8% parasyte.
And, coming to the idea, on average genetic variation among humans is 0.1%, rising up to 5% between populations (however, most of this DNA sequence is non-coding, thus not affecting the appearance, character or any other quality of the human being).

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Does this mean that someone is lying to us, telling that we are “better”, “different”, or some other lump of feces wrapped up in a flag and sprayed with deodorant?
From my point, this whole concept disrupts the idea of home-grown patriotism and super-nation idea, as numbers show that:
- none of us is “pure”
- none of us is superior by origin
- we don’t have any real differences except those imposed by cultural (including religion), traditional and environmental diversity
We are just 3 000 generations from our African origins. Especially for Russians, as racism (as cancer) appears to be in full force here, I attach the link of gene diversity map, which clearly shows that we are so close to Yoruba, Kenya and South Africa, that Italians, for example, seem to be further from us in this case.

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So, internationality it is.
I think that the world should be international - this brings freedom, opportunities, travel and well-being, opposed to the reactionary fury of so-called patriots striving to huddle in their self-induced poor-quality limited world, with just a TV and a local newspaper.
Come on, people, it is easy to go out now, to explore! This is what made you human! And remember this also: Patriot that you think you are, the next government may think otherwise and label you a traitor. They might, just for fun, lop off your head and carry it around on a pike.

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===Artem Kovalev===

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