Desert of Reality

Content 18+ No one really remembers, who was to strike first - us or them… No one really knows.

It was really strange for me to realise one small thing, a tiny issue that most human beings are not even aware of, but one that keeps rolling around in my head. It is a thing that, even knowing, you can't explain it, you still feel it; it still gnaws at you. 

You've felt it since you realised the fact that there's something wrong with the world. No, not crime and poverty and war and all, but something in the blueprint, the basic design. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind. The fact is that there are three levels of reality. We can assert this by gathering all the physics stuff altogether and trying to apply a centrifuge on it.

First, there is a quantum level (a big fuss has been made about it recently), where a quantum foam of uncertainty rules; second, there is a medium level, aka “human level”, which all of us can actually touch and perceive; and, third, there is a macro level, where stars with a mass much bigger than the Sun are rotating more than 30 times in a minute, where super-objects and black holes are distorting the fabric of reality and time itself, causing an impossible thing to happen, where dark matter (or at least we think so as of now, 2019) rules the vastness of space, small lighthouses of the stars glimpsing in a dark, empty cosmos.

There are many of those who are struggling to sum it up, to find The Theory, one single ‘house’ for those three parts. Nothing has actually succeeded as of now, and it is highly possible, that unlike the Einstein theory, it won’t appear. For the present, we have a multidimensional space, branas, p-branas, etc. Probably, it is just an artificial way to explain the things that cannot really be explained this way, because there is another option.

All these three layers can actually apply three different laws, or at least, let’s say, two of them.

Let me show you some pictures. Here is the virtual representation of quantum foam:


And here is what polygonal landscape looks like before actual rendering:


Ok, what I am trying to say here in an absolutely boring way is that there won’t be any problems with laws of physics if we take into account differences in polygons density and different ways of drawing - and rendering - them.

Let’s follow the white rabbit here.

I am not suggesting that our world is actually a simulation or a computer game, I am  not saying that you can actually fly like Neo up in the sky and there is no spoon - moreover - if we are really in the simulation we won’t actually be able to perceive this and (highly) probable we won’t even have any bodies to be unplugged, thus existing only within the simulation, which would mean that it is actually our reality, no less than for artificial intelligence: indeed, the great World Wide Web is a reality itself.

The thing is that in this case there can’t be really The Theory, because the rules are not random nor uniquely predefined. There could be hundreds of Architects building this world, or this could be a dream of just one being, where the dream itself has become a reality for those who are being dreamt of. “What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” 

Thus being said, welcome to the desert of reality, as one cannot say for sure what is real and what is not unless enters the other side...

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  1. Highly articulate, this essay offers a very readable explanation of ‘principle’s which in fact are not principles at all because they are not definable. Your essay evokes this sense of the seeming impossibility of rational or scientific explanation, which may be because some things just can’t be explained OR because the ‘tools; we have at present are simply not adequate for rendering an explanation. Maybe we are using straws to try to open vats with steel lids..

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