Dinosaurs’ Prophet

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Content 18+ Come to the world where huge factories poison air with chemical compounds capable of killing almost all known living organisms in the world; come to the world, where the most developed being is polluting the exclusive source of essential substance in the search of short-term comfort; come to the world, where machines are responsible for the support of the most intelligent beings on the planet, including customer support.

Let me show you the world made of glass and steel, world mixed on concrete; the world, where the land itself is being burned for the sake of movement; let me show you a world where beings became disposables.

Welcome to the world on the edge of ecological catastrophe.

[Yes, right there.]

Don’t worry, reader. You will soon read it through, close the page and deep inside realize that an author is just one out of the thousands trying to explain some difficult (or even unproven) things that can possibly happen in the distant future. Who is he, anyway? You have your own knowledge, that is solid and time-proven, you don’t have time for these things.

As of now, let me tell you a story, how it began and how it will end.

There was a great group (let’s call it a group) long ago on a third planet close to an average star. They ruled the world, other species were trembling even when hearing them, smelling them, the future was bright and clear. For roughly 40 million (!) years they ruled the world. They didn’t care, and one day something came out of the blue (or some may argue that it was something from beneath). Forty million years rule finished with a blink of an eye. Now they are [mostly] extinct (birds are being called members of the same group), and we call them dinosaurs. We know that they were the dead-end of evolution and doomed to disappear sooner or later.

315 thousand years ago naked monkey, also known as Homo Sapiens appeared. Roughly after 0.785% of the history of the dinosaurs (when dinosaurs themselves were yet small and developing) this species proclaimed themselves coronam creaturae (crown of creation). Surely, these guys thought so, too.

Unlike them (at least based on what we know) we are aware of both what we are doing and what can happen due to our actions or absence of those. We are aware, and still, oceans are being filled with microplastic, trees cut down in tremendous amounts; thousands of species destroyed; poisonous gasses in the air constantly increasing. We are burning fossil fuels for short-term results due to the inability to mutually agree on turning to renewable energy. Proclaiming the importance and value of human life, we are creating such an environment where being interchangeable is good, where people started talking to machines, even though we are more in numbers.

We are building incredible devices that can explode our planet, cracking it down to the core in a nuclear blast, uncontrolled fusion reactions and incredible amounts of radiation, wiping naked monkeys out of the history and their existence itself out of the ordinary star system on the edge of a medium-big galaxy out of the millions. No one will even notice this blast if someone else is out there, because something looking big down here is not even a glimpse of the great canvas of the universe.

Spending all this effort, money and knowledge on something else, we could have already defeated cancer, built a Spaceship Discovery and spread intelligent life in the dark Space to other inhabitable planet should such exists, or terraform empty ones where no life managed to appear to bring the miracle of organic and living beings to the distant rocks.

We could have done better than dinosaurs because we know this.

Unfortunately, the second wave of big species that dominates Earth now decided to choose another path. I hope for two things. First, it is still less than one percent of the probable time for another dead-end branch of evolution (genere finis, mortuos vel evolutionis). So, hopefully, nothing will come from outside or from below in the nearest future; nobody will push the red button to burn all know life in the Universe for the moment of devastatingly egoistic auto-satisfactio. Second, those hope-to-remain species will eventually come to an understanding of one simple truth.

Sorry, do you see any borders here?

United, we can do better. United and conscious we can do marvellously. We can advance in a long-term, not in a plastic waste we produce on a factories, not in a creation of a definite means of destruction, but in making our planet a better place, in preserving our beautiful unique world and sealing our existence in the Universe by non-binding relations with the huge spaceship we call Earth. We can do better. We should just stop trying and start doing.

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  1. Beautifully written, Artem. Full of wisdom which, unfortunately, will likely — as you predict — be ignored.

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