Dollars From The Dustbin

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ An article has recently come under my nose which, to say the very least, compares Europe very favorably with the United States. In fact, this piece, written by an author who usually knows better, is so lacking in objectivity as to provoke a response from me. It’s anti-American thesis is twofold: (1) the ‘American Dream’ is nothing more than a ‘masterful sales pitch’ that has ‘powered an economic juggernaut…at a devastating cost to our planet”; and (2) it has produced a nation of obsessed workaholics whose avarice for material emblems of success pushes them deeper and deeper into debt and drives them crazy at the same time.

Now if this writer needs more material, I can go a lot farther than Dreams and Workaholism if my goal is to denounce the United States. Genocide against the Native Americans, enslavement of the Africans, general lawlessness and gun violence from Day One, the dropping of the atom bomb on the Japanese, mafia street wars throughout the 20th century, Jim Crow racism, Viet Nam, George Bush’s war crimes against Iraq – is that good enough for starters?

Just to balance the books, any cursory, honest study of history will provide an effluvium of evidence to show that whatever the misdeeds and malfeasances of the United States, they learned all their tricks from their predecessors, namely the Europeans. And the Europeans learned their craft from others: the Mesopotamian conquerors, the Egyptians, the early Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, and finally the British. Empires in Asia – and if we do our homework we will see this – were nothing less than exemplars and practitioners of what took place everywhere else: conquest based on military superiority followed by routine savagery, followed by annexation of the demolished nation, followed by the arbitrary implementation of the cultural and linguistic standards of the conqueror. The same was so in Africa and in South America. Conquest, slaughter, ethnic cleansing, redistribution of wealth, and rewriting of history.

To somehow imagine that the Americans invented all this is to make a fool of yourself. The Americans just put a TV in every house. Every trick the Americans learned, the Europeans, and most particularly the British were the teachers.

In short, history is a bloodbath enacted by narcissistic tyrants and sociopathological hoodlums who seize power, and their crimes are dutifully sanitized, airbrushed and recorded in the official annals by obsequious ‘secretaries’ and scribes who are on the payroll to promote the new national myth. It was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte himself who said, “History is a lie agreed upon.” And, oh by the way, he was European.

But never mind the fact that of all of the early crimes against humanity, most were done by Europeans who had merely shifted their standard bad intentions to the ‘New World’. It was the maniacal lust for gold of the Conquistadors that crushed the great civilizations of the Maya, Inca, and the Aztecs, and the insufferable greed of the British, in particular, that annihilated the so-called ‘Savages’ that we once called Indians and now refer to as Native Americans. So the badaasses all hailed from Europe. Ok, OK, at some point, after a few generations, these people became ‘Americanized’, and the rest is history. Americans nowadays can pretend to be African, Italian, Irish, or Asian, but it’s all bullshit if they were born in the USA.

For example, I call ‘black’ people (almost none of whom are really black), ‘African-American’ out of politeness and because so many other terms (including ‘colored’ and ‘Negro’ – which used to be OK) are now viewed as insulting, but for the life of me I can’t fathom why somebody who has never been to Africa should be called ‘African-American’ just because he/she has a ‘dark’ skin. Isn’t this a subtle form of racism?

Liberal Americans, in their zeal to legitimize everybody according to their own mythology, jump to attention every time a new way of calling the color purple (re: Alice Walker) by another name, is pushed onto the agenda. And each time it pushes us further from reconciliation and trust.

OK, I digress. But I also – if inadvertently – have stumbled upon a relevant point which is that America has always been a sanctuary for people from other parts wide and far. That’s why it has long been known as a ‘melting pot’. (Although now the Woke, in order to preserve their notion of ‘diversity’ , want to call it a ‘salad bowl’). So the United States is, in fact, a nation of immigrants.

The Europeans can boast of ancient civilizations full of noblemen and enlightened professors, great artists and philosophers, but that didn’t stop them from Endless warfare, Endless religious discrimination, Endless materialism (starting long before the Industrial Revolution), Endless colonization of other people’s lands, with all the robbery, brutality, racism and general inhumanity that entailed. Endless greed, Endless social injustice, and Endless Filth.

As an aside: I wonder if the writer of the essay I have referred to has any idea how squalid and smelly and pestilent medieval Europeans towns and people really were? A continent of Chamber Pot Piss Hurlers who never took baths. Flea-bitten, bed bug beset peasants whose lords and masters were just as funky. If you want to know the truth. A medieval cemetery on a hot summer day was a symphony of cacophonous flies buzzing about the stench of the dead, particularly during times of plague. Don’t let that smile on the Mona Lisa’s face fool you. She knew that Leonardo didn’t have any toilet paper.

Indeed the mentality of expansion, colonization, enslavement of indigent populations, and remorseless exploitation of whatever resources happened to be laying around, were products of European thinking before they became anything else. There is no counter argument to be made. The Americans just perfected a lot of the crap that Europeans invented in the first place. So what happened after the Great Hand-Off is simply that the Americans figured out that they would sell more pizza if they stuffed more cheese into it and started putting all kinds of unusual shit on top. Innovation, I think they call it.

There is absolutely Nothing that Americans don’t change once they get their hands on it. A lot of times they just fuck it up. Indeed – and I suspect this is where the writer is really coming from – there IS something annoying, obnoxious, just repellent about the American Persona: Big, loud, frumpy, unnaturally jolly, and innately pushy. A proper pain in the ass. Exceptionalism: that’s what Putin called it, and in this instance he was right. Americans are told to believe that They Are The Shit. And it pisses everybody else off.

And yet who are the first to imitate the Americans? Yes, Everybody Else, that’s who. I am not saying it’s good, but only that it IS. Look in any European capital you want, and what do you see? Look at the list below: And that’s just in the UK. In Italy, near Piazza di Spagna, they fought to keep McDonalds out. They failed. They had the option.

So it’s no good bitching about American infiltration when you, Europe, welcomed it in order to make money.

It is trendy ‘wisdom’ to laugh at The American Dream, and indeed the writer has managed to turn ‘the Dream’ into something that is as much a threat to the planet as systemic pollution and nuclear war.

The fact is that America is, has been, and will be a land of opportunity for people who have arrived from all over the world. Many people fail to achieve their dreams, and when they do, it is indeed unfortunate that it usually comes down to money. But that is the choice people make.

Years ago, Bob Dylan wrote these lines in a song he called “I Pity the Poor Immigrant.”. It says a lot about Europeans.

“I pity the poor immigrant

Who wishes he would've stayed home

Who uses all his power to do evil

But in the end is always left so alone

That man whom with his fingers cheats

And who lies with every breath

Who passionately hates his life

And likewise, fears his death

I pity the poor immigrant

Whose strength is spent in vain

Whose heaven is like ironsides

Whose tears are like rain

Who eats but is not satisfied

Who hears but does not see

Who falls in love with wealth itself

And turns his back on me

I pity the poor immigrant

Who tramples through the mud

Who fills his mouth with laughing

And who builds his town with blood

Whose visions in the final end

Must shatter like the glass

I pity the poor immigrant

When his gladness comes to pass.”

In short, America is what everyone always wanted or thought they wanted. Yes, it is an ugly smorgasbord of sordid desires. Yes, it is in places falling down around its own ears. And yes, it is a place where people get all the toys, remain desperately unhappy, and can’t figure out why. Yes, it is all those bad things and many more.

And let’s be fair in this regard also: European civilization has produced more people who have worked earnestly and fervently to give the world a covenant with the great beyond. Europe has been the Second Cradle of Civilization (the Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations came first). One should Never deny the Europeans their magnificent, game-changing achievements.

When I first came to Europe in 1970, it was my all time dream realized. It wasn’t a trip or a vacation, it was a pilgrimage. I came alone, looking for the Europe of the great paintings and the seductive ancient dreams, desires, and doing those narrow lanes and wide boulevards, described but more… suggested…. to my craving brain. Without understanding much of what was being said, I found that dream, Europe then was all I had conjured up in my boundless emotion, from the city rivers and bridges to the inviting shouts of the marketplace, the tempting whispers amid the mire of the backstreets, to the exotic, mature women leaning over balconies and ‘singing’ to each other in ‘foreign’ accents that made me stagger with yearning. I dreamed of love.

I was ready to sacrifice every other goal in the world just to find it. And for some reason, pathetic but probably psychologically revealing, I thought that only a ‘foreign’ woman could provide it.


Well if I had found ‘it’, I wouldn't be writing this, would I?

My mistake, apart from forgivable romanticism, was to assume that a French woman would, without exception, be better than an American woman. Why? Because she was French. And why would that make a difference? Her accent and maybe her art in making me feel like an American fool, would that be it? I needed to take off my cowboy hat 'et gagner un peu de culture'.

So the idea was that somehow or other, I didn’t get it. Now all the other unemployed, unartistic absinth sipping, frog crunching French losers in the town or village ‘got it’ but somehow I didn’t. And couldn’t. I could pay and pay and apologize for my clumsy, clodhopper American faux pas but I would always be the Ugly American.

Many Americans deserve this rap; some don’t.

Europeans today, it seems to me, basically are posers. Essentially decadent and totally naive in their indifference to the reality of a world that is changing before their complacent eyes. Ok Ok Ok: Europe has created and contributed wonderful things to human civilization. But is that too much to expect of 2000 years of directing business on this planet? The great artists and philosophers of the past whose works and ideas still influence us today were mostly Europeans. But so was the mentality that endorsed the slave trade, burnt people alive for their religious beliefs, spread one plague after another back and forth across the continent and even to the New World, and destroyed the 20th century with warfare. That was Europe too, guys.

So, in parting, I’ll give Europe one profound piece of advice. You had better turn off the rigged ‘Eurovision’ bullshit and build an army. Right Quick if you know what’s good for you. You saw Hitler and you sat on your haunches, engaging in your endless equivocations and in-house deliberations without end. Now you have another enemy and his flunkies and braindead human cattle and sheep are churning out the weapons of war day and night.

Try to remember.

Europe, I wish you well.

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  1. However, what truly sets this piece apart is its refusal to absolve Europe of its own culpability in shaping the course of history. Rather than perpetuating a simplistic narrative of European superiority, the continent’s legacy of imperialism and exploitation, tracing its origins back through millennia of conquest and domination.

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