Groping towards Hysteria (American Women Cry Out!)

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Контент 18+ In case you haven't noticed, the latest craze in the USA these days is the blizzard of accusations of "sexual misconduct' being lobbied against various and sundry men, most of them dating back as far as 20 or 30 years. These gals are now, to use the language of American journalese, "coming forward" because all of a sudden miraculously, they have found the 'courage' to do so, whereas in the evidently, they thought no one would listen or believe them.

Maybe so, but I smell a rat. And, however mysterious this explosion of 'victims'' coming 'out of the closet' must seem to Russians or, for that matter, Italians, Spaniards, Czechs, Chinese, and French, etc. I am here to tell you that it is 1000% percent American. And you can throw the Brits into the mix. See one Anglo-Saxon, you've seen them all, it would appear -- at least in a certain sense, and that 'certain sense'' definitely includes sexuality.
You need to understand first that white Americans are basically prudish, and this prudishness comes directly from the Protestant and Catholic religions. Most white Americans are reared believing that is somehow dirty and at its root. This is why so many white Americans grow up with such (pardon the pun) notions about sex. American Jews are not any better (read "Portnoy's Complaint" sometime). But of course Sex Sells -- and in America, if you can sell it, well, that's .

The other problem is that young man the world over are full of testosterone-laced aggression and anger. The out-of-control sex drive fits in well with that misdirected fury. And so the fact is -- and here I sympathize with women totally -- a lot of these young guys (and plenty of older ones too) are complete jerks in general and animalistic ass-wipes when it comes to sex. In fact, if you want to know how screwed up the sexuality of American males really is, just go into any public toilet. On the walls, you will find every obscenity, including drawing of massive, dripping penises. Maybe most of the artists who contribute within the shit-galleries are latently gay. In short, they are cock-obsessed.
But whatever the motives behind it all, I will not argue that the sexual fantasies, attitudes, and behavior of American men can often make the word 'disgusting' seem like a compliment.

But this does not let American women off the hook either. American fems so often want to psycho-analyze everything and end up casting themselves as 'victims'. Show me a modern white middle-class (and upwards) American female, and I will show you a woman that I do not want to get involved with. It's just not worth the hassle. By comparison, I have found in my long years of experience on this sad but hip-hopping planet, that European and indeed women have a much different attitude toward sex. (So do Black Americans). French and Italian woman love, treasure, and adore their cosmic sexuality, and it is a beautiful thing. They understand that, among many, many other qualities they are also 'sex objects'' and they relish it. This concept drives American and British feminists absolutely insane.
Russian women (and Ukrainian girls are even wilder) seem to have no inhibitions whatsoever in bed. What they DO have -- usually -- is a sense of decorum, an insistence on good manners. But once in the sack, they are the best and not ashamed of it. And they are pragmatic. They want something concrete out of the relationship usually, which is understandable. They are not fools. And they don't need to hear a bunch of "I love you's" (which they probably wouldn't believe anyway). Nor do they need to see a therapist afterwards.

Many of these current accusations in America may be truth-based at some level, but a lot of it is just political hay-making, opportunism, and hysteria. '' is now a buzzword. "He GROPED me !" OMG, DID he? I think of some prehistoric ''groping'' machine, a combination of a beastly claw and a great soup-dipper plunging its way toward a blushing virgin's candy shop ....and I want to laugh. Just yesterday, I read about some bimbo saying that, years ago, Donald Trump grabbed her ass at a convention. " I felt !" she gasped, 13 years later. Objectified? Wow, really, as a hamster in a science lab or a doll in a stall at the county fair?
Look, the reality is that women have always known the real card they have to play, and that real card just happens to be the bitcoin they carry between their legs. Like it or not, that is the way it has always been and for the most part remains to this day. Men can be cruel, stupid brutes -- and it's a pity there are not enough wars to send them off to die in -- but women can be scheming, manipulative, deceitful, opportunistic, vicious bitches in their own right.

It is the race. For every nice guy, there is a nice woman. For every bastard, there is a bitch. Neither gender has a monopoly.
Americans need to put away the religion and the psychology books, and maybe just watch a couple of farm animals at work making a baby. Sex is just that: sex. Put some love into it and it becomes something more. Throw in a lot of pure desire -- even without love -- and that is sometimes even better. So read a sex manual, Americans, and grow up, and stop worrying about shit that happened 20 years ago, It did NOT disfigure you physically or emotionally. That is just a big lie. And here I am NOT talking about rape or pedophilia; I am not an idiot. What I am talking about is the normal, uneasy jostle, the common pitch-and-toss of everyday sexual exploration that human beings undergo on their way to whatever altar they are looking for.
I feel sorry for Americans. When they are not dodging flying bullets at a rock concert, they have to worry, especially the guys, that some off-the-chain female might accuse them of GROPING !. Heaven forbid.

Finally, if I were not a poet at heart, I would wonder out-loud why such powerful men as film stars and directors and high-ranking politicians need to grope anyone in the first place? Power IS sexy, and if you show me a powerful man or woman (I don't mean muscle-bound, I mean finance-bound), I will show you a man or woman who can snap their fingers and get sex. Or have one of their flunkies pick of the phone and call in the order. So why do they need to GROPE?

But since I am a poet, I can understand how a guy like George Michael, the now deceased but once pretty (gay) rock star who could have had any boy toy he wanted, managed to get himself arrested gobbling some guy's crank in a public toilet.
It was for the thrill of it, George explained. Well, I understand, and so will many of you.
That dangerous, naked walk on the wild side. The ultimate aphrodisiac. Worth a grope sometimes, whether your name is Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Buffalo Bill, or Wild Bill Hickok. Even if you happen to be, not a Groper but a Gropee, my advice is just to get over it an move on. And don't scream 20 years later about how it ruined your life.

I once had a beautiful history teacher when I was in the 7th grade (13 years old. To this very day, I wish she would have kept me after school and abused the hell out of me. But she didn't. I remained ungroped, and I still suffer from the effects of that tragedy.

===Eric Richard Leroy===


Last updated February 01, 2018


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