Impossible Success on the Doorstep of Extinction

1280px First_Launch_of_SpaceX_Falcon_Heavy

Content 18+ It was a dark night somewhere on the ocean shore when suddenly super-bright lights switched on, accenting polished cigar-shaped object looking up in the sky. Some might say it should have happened, some that it is useless - but anyway - here it was. It was the rocket that should take the first people to Mars. Not just a scientific mission - but the mission to open a new horizon for humanity, to break the natural chains bounding us to our initial home - too fragile to promise eternal bright future for our civilization.!

This was an old-fashioned rocket on fossil fuels, burning the essence of life on Earth to reach other worlds. It was the first step for humanity, which was possible due to the efforts of a few, amid the common local ignorance. One day this will save humanity in the Universe as we know it. One day…

One day new sun will rise in the sky, blasting billions of tons of rocks in the air, melting the Earth’s crust, vaporizing the water in the ocean, erasing anything that ever existed on our planet - all signs of any wars, all signs of our achievements, all signs of policy and politics, all pieces of plastic and packaging, all computers, machinery, erasing birds that survived through smaller cataclysm as the only dinosaurs still living out there, erasing fish in the oceans as there won’t be any ocean anymore, erasing animals in the forests, as there will be no forests, just supervolcanoes erupting all over the world, throwing sulfur and methane in the atmosphere, killing oxygen-dependent creatures with toxic gas. It may be a comet, an asteroid - but one day it should come, it is mathematical probability.

It is not really predefined that this day should actually come for humanity to be erased too. There is - and there always was - a solution. It is out there. It is as simple as creating your monthly budget. Diversification is the key.

We are gathered - just like those eggs - in one basket right now, and it is really easy to be crushed. Going out there, sending missions that will research and eventually settle on other planets and their moons is the only actual guaranteed way of future survival.

Even having the best protection from something that can come out of there we cannot protect ourselves from something that is down there - and let me tell you something…

See this thin thing, not even visible on the big picture marked as 6? Yep, that is the earth you are used to. Everything below is melted and superhot - no mammal can survive there.

And how big are we, anyway?

See the small blue dot there? You know, they are not usually showing the REAL scale at school. Well, to be honest, it is not just Google the solar system to find the real size.

It takes several persons to make a huge step for the future of humanity, and there are actually those who care, who keep investing huge amounts of money in this struggle. They are fighting for our real future, not politics. There should be no borders on Earth one day, as only baing a planet civilization we will actually be able to properly advance further to distant outposts. Maybe countries will still be there, and all these insignificant tensions lasting for a minuscule period of time (say, 100 years) will still be there, but humanity as one will stand and open this door - our door to the future.

Otherwise, it will be a hall of extinction down here one day.


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Rocket on first one - Falcon Heavy

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