Mighty Imposters

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Content 18+ Some people might ask me why, even usually have a different opinion on the subject, Eric and I have posts in the same blog?

I would say it is about two things: multiculturalism and unbiasedness. You see, Eric could have been my grandfather, if only we were born somewhere a bit closer than on the different sides of the Pond, and me even deeper in the continent.

We have different experiences, different ways of life. I am a boring financial guy who sometimes spits out a few articles. Eric is a fruitful writer with teaching skills basing his way on poetry - and usually poetry of life it is.

In this diversity, we thrive. Freedom of speech and more important - freedom of thought - should always be available and allowed, as every opinion matters. Only seeing a problem from several dimensions can you have your own true way, your own answer to the question. Always bearing in mind the possibility of misunderstanding, I am still ready to post both of us.

My way is of water, hence ice. I prefer to persuade and explain, he, in turn, prefer to burst through with irresistible energy even in his...no, I won’t tell you 🙂

Come and see...more to come as I hope, at least recently Eric is writing all the sort of things, maybe village just got him what most of us lack - the inability to entertain ourselves with something other than...well, ourselves.


P.S. None of us could be liable for what other author wrote, it is the core of the blog, we always post our ideas as is.

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