Rise of the Future


Content 21+ Come closer, my dear friend. Take a seat in this comfortable chair. Tell me how hard it was for you to study for eight hours per day at school, how your classmates bullied you, how you were underestimated at the university and get your €1500/month underpaid job, and why it is the reason you hate others (and those nasty immigrants, of course). I will, in turn, tell how things actually work. I will tell you about the past and the future, about war and peace. I will tell you how difference brings prosperity and explain why many problems are not as they seem.

Now sit tighter, please, as I am going to drag you out to the real violent world.

I learned why diversity actually matters and how it works the hard way - I was born right before the civil war, after the fall of an empire, when about 40 ethnicities tried to get their teeth into each other. What about Russians-Russians in that region? Oh, they were there, too (later on I will explain you what it really means - Russian). During two years, from 1994 to 1996, approximately 100 000 civilians were killed and more than 200 000 injured, and something about 10 000 military personnel dead on each of the sides. The war rumbled across the cities, showing it’s ugly face, leaving villages into ashes on both sides. It is hard to find any real pieces of evidence about this, as it is not really shared around, unlike current conflicts of various kinds. One of the most disastrous moments was an attack by Chechen guerrillas on a hospital (birth house) in a city of Buddenovsk, taking a number of mothers with newborns as hostages. (between 1,500 and 1,800 people (some estimates reaching as high as 2,000 or even 2,500), most of them civilians (including about 150 children and a number of women with newborn infants)). On their way to the hospital, they shot 100 civilians that refused to cooperate. Over 160 buildings in the town were destroyed or damaged, including 54 municipal buildings and 110 private houses. My father was an officer of the road police back then, so he had to follow the buses packed with hostages and heavily-armed bandits (machine guns, grenade launchers, automatic guns, pistols, grenades) with one automatic gun for ten people (others were armed with pistols).

Those guerrillas lurked through the towns, leaving dead bodies after them for years, kidnapping people and killing those who tried to resist.

It was no late-night walking for the small company during that time, and better - no late-night walking at all.

Of course, this situation caused problems with food, electricity and other supplies for the neighboring regions, leading to health problems for those who were born during this time there.

It is much better there now, even though there are controversial local governments in the region, yet the massacre and chaos have ended.

It was there where I learned that people are different (and it is good), as one thing that is pretty clear for me is that it was not about nationality, religion, hair color or something else they were fighting for or against.

It was leaders pushing people forward, exaggerating the differences between them, driving them almost crazy with brainwashing, sensual deprivation and, taking advantage of the under-education and blind belief, leading them to the useless fight against those who are just the same, leading to the devastation of the huge region (about the size of Slovakia). It is not in the peoples’ nature by default to fight each other, to go into conflicts. It can work another way, not blowing out the differences and pointing at them, not judging by the appearance, not putting silly tags. It was not simple for me to understand after what I saw, and this is the reason why I described what it was there. Yet it just came into my mind once and stayed there.

I always had friends from non-Russians, and the funny thing is that I actually almost never had a Russian friend (here I should note that not all people leaving in Russia and originating from Russia are to be actually called Russians, we are using this for the matter of simplicity and a better understanding for mono-national countries. There are more than 140 different nationalities in Russia, and they are much more different between each other than most of the European nationalities).

For me, out of all this history, pain and chaos came an understanding - the fact that we are different can actually help us to do better. It adds color to our life, giving more opportunities for those who are open to new ideas, who are ready to hear each other's opinion.

We are all different, but it doesn’t mean that we should differentiate - in cooperation we rise, in cooperation we (being just a naked monkeys) managed to survive through the catastrophes, through the ice age, sliding on the edge of extinction we warmed each other in our caves long before such a word as nationality existed.

We all cam from one place, and we will all eventually end up in one place - our bodies will turn to dust, our souls (ok, well’, that depend on what are you believing in) will go somewhere else - but I can tell you one thing - I think that if there is a Heaven - there is a Heaven for all of us - Buddhists, Muslims, Christians (Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants), or we all will reborn as energy, or whatever. I don’t know which one is true, but I know that it should not be religion-specific.

Any skin color, any face shape, any sexual habits - we are all humans, one kind, beautiful and wild.

We are like the fire which we - unique among other animals - are using, and it is in our hands to let this fire warm our future or destroy it in a nuclear blasts, wiping out all life on Earth in a struggle to find a difference where there is no any.

Our borders were created for economical and political means, not for our souls. There is no actual border between two different humans unless you build such in your mind.

I think that understanding this fact is something crucial for our survival as a civilization, as making our efforts combined we can reach other planets, spread over the solar system, nearby star systems, over the entire galaxy, using the best skills each of us can provide - ability to collaborate and work as a unified team, individual effort as a leader, ability to react fast in dangerous situation, physical differences - and many more other points which make us diverse can actually help us to go better as one team - the team called humanity.

This will be the Rise of our Future.

===Artem Kovalev===

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels



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