Roaring Void

Content 18+ (author in no way promotes reckless behavior of any kind) Roaring deep-water blue charger was flying on the ocean drive. Chrome-plated wheels shining like small suns, reggaeton rhyming cactus-filled wasteland, palm trees of the oasis and flow of the ocean wave.

The glory of the temporary amidst the eternal, dance of the naked monkey on the rocky stone covered with blue in the middle of nowhere, less than a dot in the galaxy, less than nothing in the Universe.

Highly probable that both driver and the roaring beast will disappear forever, forgotten, swallowed by the infinity of probabilities, shred into molecules by chemistry and bacteria, dissolved into basic elements to be later reborn in plants, animal, or some other species that our limited mind is not even capable of describing…

Later on, those parts will go even further in the furnace of the extending red giant, which will be our Sun, thermonuclear reaction gluing cores together, or, probably, even further, to create new bricks of reality.

This will also end, and there will be silence and darkness at last, cold cosmos with no light, stars flowing as dead cold rocks in the infinite vastness of space, and there will be nothing, just last no-go.

The driver was throttling old-fashioned car, pushing it to the limit, when even best human-made gaskets begin to melt.

Have you ever tried to ride such a beast? Have you ever tried to ride a powerful horse?

I tried both. There, on the edge of control, when you never can really be sure if you won’t vanish from the existence, dancing on the edge of reality, when your brain can’t just get it and calculate it – there you can have a breath of immortality and eternity, not being stuck in daily routine, crushed under layers of small annoying problems to solve. There, stepping closer to the edge, you can finally start thinking absurd.

There, you can exit the matrix.



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