Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Deal With It !)

Content 21+ Mercifully, I live in Europe so I am spared — aside from what I masochistically choose to read on the various sites — the usual avalanche of American nonsense about the Christmas Holidays — and yes, I continue to refer to them pointedly as such: The Christmas Holidays.

Thanksgiving has just finished and I feel safe in imagining that millions of American people celebrated joyously in the customary way: a family gathering, the rich and wonderful scent of turkey baking all morning in the oven, family members helping each other with the preparations, maybe a football game on the TV out in the living room, maybe flames dancing in the fireplace if the late November Thursday is cold, and finally the big moment when the family sits down to eat.

That’s the way it was when my parents and grandparents were still alive and I still lived in America. I remember those Thanksgivings with great pleasure and a certain nostalgia.

But of course the ‘progressives’ had to get into the act last week. The internet was infested with anti-Thanksgiving blogs bemoaning the treatment that the Native Americans suffered at the hands of the English settlers and the other Europeans who came after them. The first Thanksgiving feast, according to the legend, was celebrated between the Plymouth Colonists and the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. That’s right 398 years ago.

Nobody doubts the mistreatment of the Indians/Native Americans. We know that this maltreatment (attempted genocide would be a better term) persisted right on up to the turn of the 20th century.) Deplorable. Lest I seem to straddle the fence, let me say that what the mostly white Americans did to the ‘Indians’ was not much better than what the Nazis did to their victims. Do I make my point?

That being said, Thanksgiving over the years has evolved into a meaningful family holiday — one that is most often shared with love and kindness. It’s dubious antecedents therefore need to be put firmly in the background and the holiday allowed to become part of 21st century traditions. I seriously doubt that ANYONE, while eating their turkey dinner was sitting around saying “Har har har, Ho ho, ho ! Look what we did to them damn Injuns!”

And the likely truth is that the politically correct, Identity Politiknik ‘Progressives’ don’t give a damn about them Injuns’ either. I mean, let’s just be real for a moment, OK? An airplane crashes and 250 passengers die. We hear it on the news, and what do we do? We say, “OMG, that’s terrible!.” Then we forget about it and carry on with what we were doing.

It it NOT because we are callous, heartless people. It is because we can not ‘unpack’ 250 deaths of absolute strangers. Not emotionally. It can’t be done. And this is why those who post condolences by saying “Our prayers are with them” are basically full of shit. It’s just a feel-good phrase that is essentially meaningless.

The same holds true for Indians in 17th century America. So the progressive idea — coming from people who have an agenda that really and truly includes love for No One — only obeisance to an ideology — becomes NOT a matter of showing heartfelt grief over the injustices that befell those unfortunate people, but a regime dedicated to hammering away at American institutions that they regard as white, predominantly male, and therefore repulsive. The progressive ideal is a repudiation of white America — no more, no less.

As Christmas approaches, expect the same thing. Christmas — CHRIST MASS — OK? It’s out there. Christmas is designed to celebrate the birth of a man whose long-hair, flowing beard, and blue eyes is to be found in art museums everywhere and who could not POSSIBLY have looked like that. As a matter of fact, there is NO (as in ZERO) convincing evidence that verifies the actual historical existence of anyone named Jesus Christ. He is as much a legend as Robin Hood and King Arthur of the Round Table. Sad but true.

And I, for one, have no belief whatsoever in Immaculate Conception. Women have babies because they have been fucked or, failing to reproduce by that route, artificially inseminated. End of Story as far as I am concerned. Same with Easter. Nobody ever came back from the dead. I will believe all of that: virgin births and a dude rising from the dead WHEN I SEE IT. And only then.

Moreover, Christmas American-style is a vulgar sploogefest of capitalistic exhibitionism and exorbitance, of orgiastic and tawdry credit card overkill, a travesty of the Highest Order — especially since we are speaking of a religious holiday.

Atheists, Jewish people, and Islamist folk, among others, DO NOT have to take part. There is no Church or Government Mandate that can force them to and send them to the gulag or the scaffold if they don’t.

BUT GUESS WHAT: Christmas is as American as apple pie, and so are the trees, decorations, lights, nativity scenes and so forth. When Islamic people have Ramadan and slaughter goats, etc., nobody screws with them, and yet now — thanks to the Politically Correct — America, which is basically (if unofficially) a Christian nation, is no longer able to put on an official Christmas celebration — on municipal turf, I mean — for fear of offending someone who can simply look the way if he doesn’t like it.

I am NOT a Christian and yet I support 100% this Christian holiday for what it means and has meant to millions of people. Watering it to down into some kind of spineless ‘Holiday Season” bullshit is a disgrace. It is C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. 

But there are some who don’t want us to celebrate Christmas, and for this you can thank the same crew who exhort everyone to boycott Thanksgiving. Same people, same mentality.

Just for the hell of it, I looked up Valentine’s Day on the internet, and what do you suppose I found? Scores of articles from mostly (not not all) female ‘progressives’ condemning the celebration as ‘benevolent sexism’. Etc. All very predictable. So taking your girl out to dinner, presenting her with a dozen roses and a thoughtful gift…is now sexism.

Maybe we should just cancel all the holidays?

Let’s see, how could we stage a completely ‘Gender Neutral’ holiday? Maybe by performing mock (or even real) castrations of white men (they would have to be white of course) in the town square of every town and city in America?

Or maybe just a series of “Gray Days” where the color gray would decorate every lamp post and people would grin and smile and prance about in celebration of NOTHING? Or maybe chant “Merry Multi-Culturalism” to each other while they munch their tofu?

Well, in desperation I turned to the 4th of July…only to find out that it was all about racism, racism, and MORE racism. Thomas Jefferson? A fornicator of black women. Etc. The Civil War and Confederate heroes such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis? O Fuck, forget THEM. In fact the whole South and all its history and institutions and people, shit- can all of them. Nothing but a pack of Racists. The original flag of the Colonies with 13 stars? Racist and Sexist. Throw it out. Nike, the shoe company, had originally planned to issues a new pair of shoes with the 13-star insignia, but canceled because of charges of ‘racism.’ Every commercial on TV, every cartoon, every public utterance has to be combed thoroughly now in search of RACISM.

Naturally, Columbus Day was put to death and buried years ago following outcries by the Racism Police.

OK, let’s get off the bus and express a few home truths about the nature of civilization. Human history has been called, not without justification, “a chronicle of blood.” No history or any nation is exempt from this truth, nor is any continent. The so-called gentle Indian Empires of South America were into human sacrifice and were constantly at war. The African and Asian continents were the same. Always and Forever. The United Kingdom was once a distant province of the imperialist Romans, subsequently run roughshod over by the Vikings and conquered by the French. But the English rose again, rose to do Much Harm. The English Record against the Irish, Welsh and Scottish is ATROCIOUS. In fact Great Britain was the ultimate Empire in terms of its cruelty to other peoples, the people of India in particular.

There is no continent, no nation, no city, town or village which cannot list many such atrocities as part and parcel of its history. The great nobility of the past — the English, the French, the Prussians, etc? All criminals, every last one of them.

America ? The Fords, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys? All criminals.

So, Progressives, what do we do? Do we wipe out ALL of human history, granting only Honorary Status to Black Americans, Women, and Homosexuals, and Transvestites?

Should we make reparations to 21st century black people by driving armored cars through every ghetto in America and flinging dollars bills out the window? And if we are going to help out these descendants of slaves, why stop there? Haven’t women and gays been mistreated, harassed, abused over the centuries? OK, so why not offer financial restitution to these modern day Gyno-Americans who are the descendants of women of the past whose alcoholic husbands beat and raped them and wouldn’t let them vote in an election or even sit in the bar and have a cold beer on a hot day? In this regard, black women should receive a special bonus. And how for Hell’s sake can we make reparation and restitution without giving any money to the Native Americans? Haven’t Asian Americans also been subjected to abuse, especially during the Second World War? Sounds like grounds for reparation to me. And the poor gays, well, don’t even let me get started.

So it sounds fair to me that we cancel ALL American holidays except maybe Martin Luther King Day and pay reparations of at least $5 trillion to all victims and offended parties — all of whom have suffered unspeakable crimes at the hands of white men. What do you think?

I know what I think. I think that white people, and white men ARE guilty of much wrongdoing. By the same token, a lot of good has come from white people and white men. It’s like everything else in life: it’s a double-edged sword.

Has religion not been the reason — a PRIMARY REASON — for much of the bigotry and incredible suffering that has been inflicted on people over the centuries? A very convincing argument can be made in promotion of the thesis that Religion has been responsible for MOST of the agonies of the world. Even that most forms of sexual perversion and psychopathology have been the result of STUPID religious mumbo-jumbo. And it’s an argument that I would wholeheartedly support. So…should we ban all religion?

No. We shouldn’t. It has also brought out the best in people. That’s why.

I have been reading a lot lately about Tudor and Elizabethan England, a subject I happen to know a lot about. What kind of people were they? I’ll tell you. They were DESPICABLE. They were violent, greedy, vicious, deceitful, ruthless, filthy, cold-hearted, and ambitious to a vainglorious and maddening extent. The Catholics and Protestants were monsters also, taking turns burning each other alive, according to whoever was in power. People convicted of treason, even on the flimsiest of evidence, were literally ripped to shreds in public executions where the onlookers howled with delight. One of the most enjoyable past-times (Queen Elizabeth was a great fan) was called bear-baiting, where bears were chained to a wall and attacked by fierce dogs, the result being that the bears and dogs both suffered hideous injuries and death. The good Christian people LOVED it. Beggars died on the streets. Starving people who dared steal fruit from a stall were hanged. Tudor and Elizabethan England were both Stinking Shit-holes where the shit LITERALLY filled the fetid streets and pedestrians went sloshing through it. Yet we point to Shakespeare and say that this was the most glorious part of English history. Was it?


The present day zealots who call themselves ‘progressives’ can forgive no one who does not qualify as ‘victims’ according to their own agenda and narrative. These are NOT people who love the human race, not at all. There is no love in these people, and please do not EVER mistake that as being core to their agenda.

The Utopia of the progressives is a humorless, colorless wasteland of censorship and assigning of guilt. According to these zealots, every accomplishment in American history and every celebration that followed, is all based on racism and sexism and should be cancelled.




Your choice, guys. As for me, that turkey’s going in the oven and then down my neck on Christmas Day.

And on the 4th of July, I think I just might help myself to some hot dogs and fireworks. Even if I DO live in Bulgaria. I’ll find some fucking hot dogs around here somewhere, trust me.

Yes, the human race sucks. Especially white people, and more than most, white guys just like me.

I’m still going to party. And I’m going to have a ball. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


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