What There Isn’t Is What There Is

Content advisory 18+ There is a song called "The Boxer" by a once-famous duo (and deservedly so) in America known as Simon & Garfunkel. One line goes as follows: "... Still, a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest." Another valuable (for me) insight is provided by William Blake: "The eye, altering, alters all" -- the beautiful language of which can be a bit confusing until … Read the rest

Nudity and The Naked Ape

Контент 18+ When I was a kid the only naked women I ever saw happened when one of the other boys from the neighborhood managed to 'borrow' his dad's Playboy magazine from its hiding place under some mattress or when -- clever little bastard that I was -- I would pretend to be reading the 'educational' National Geographic journal in hopes of being treated to photos of naked African ladies … Read the rest