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Content 18+ Some people might ask me why, even usually have a different opinion on the subject, Eric and I have posts in the same blog?

I would say it is about two things: multiculturalism and unbiasedness. You see, Eric could have been my grandfather, if only we were born somewhere a bit closer than on the different sides of the Pond, and me even deeper in the continent.

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Enough! Or The Final Song

Enough is enough. Let`s stop speaking about 4% a year inflation when the real price growth is 1.6% a month. Let`s stop speaking about safety when the murder rate is 11.31 per 100 000, that is between Surinam, Botswana and Papua New Guinea (where the rate is lower) and Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica (where the rate is higher). Just stop it.

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Если вам нравится FREYWILLE, Ромеро Бритто и Гауди, то вам туда!

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В городе Вена есть два здания, Kunst Haus Wien  и Hundertwasserhaus, которые абсолютно не вписываются в архитектурный стиль этого города. Кто хотя бы раз был в Вене, меня поймет: центр Вены - имперский, с широкими улицами, красивыми светлыми зданиями правильной формы, ровными линиями,
а  тут вдруг такое:

Неудивительно, что местным жителям такое художество поначалу не сильно понравилось))

К сожалению фото, сделанные мной куда-то пропали. Источники, откуда взяты фотографии
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Welcome to Being Me

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An insight into what makes a 41-year-old mother of 1 son tick.
Jump on, climb inside. Laugh at the humiliations that I have suffered and learn from my mistakes. Cry with me, tears of sorrow or laughter! Celebrate my mistakes and embrace what makes me human. Form an opinion. Share your views if you feel compelled to, be they negative or positive. It’s okay, that’s the point to … Read the rest

TropicInsider – inside tips for discovering Peru

TropicInsider – inside tips for discovering Peru

Hey, my name is Anton! In my blog I’m sharing my #inside tips on how to enjoy Peru on any budget.

You won’t find here a dry descriptions of “major attractions”, list of 500 restaurants in Lima etc. My main goal is to highlight the best attractions, most delicious restaurants, most interesting places and local staff even if it’s free or $1 price.

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