Hope: A Poisonous Delusion That Beguiles Humanity

Content 21+ In the vast expanse of human history, one concept has persisted as a pernicious toxin infecting the minds of the masses: hope. Like a seductive siren, it lulls individuals into a false sense of security, promising salvation and deliverance from the trials of existence. Yet, upon closer inspection, hope reveals itself to be nothing more than a mirage, a cruel deception that shackles humanity to a cycle … Read the rest

How Not To Waste Your Life

Content advisory 18+ In America, guys approaching or just past 40 (In Russia it is 30, according to my friends) are always having what is known as "the mid-life crisis". I never had it because I never grew up and never wanted to deal with anything as boring as 'adult responsibilities'. Well, I jest, but maybe it says something about me that for my last Happy New Year gifts, I … Read the rest

Стоит ли покупать одежду из Альпаки?

Контент 12+
Альпака по своим свойствам и качеству является отличной альтернативой кашемиру и мохеру. Однако, она не была так активно разрекламирована как тот же кашемир, поэтому для многих остается открытым вопрос:
Стоит покупать одежду из Альпаки?

Ответ достаточно прост - из-за уникальных качеств...


Именно благодаря своим качествам, шерсть альпаки ценится так же высоко как и кашемир.

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Alpaca values


Теплая и легкая.

Проживая высоко в горах, … Read the rest

The True Immortal Story Tale

Today, my dear children, I’ll tell you the true story, the story about a King and three of his sons. The first one, named Arler, was brave and smart, no one could ever beat him. The second one, named Barler, was not so smart, but far more handsome. He was well-known for his affairs. The third one was Carler.

He was born during the thunderstorm, and everyone thought that he Read the rest