The Night Watchman

Контент 16+  I was always a night guy. Did my best thinking in those heart attack hours of the deepest gloom when the good things went to sleep and the bad things woke up. I guess it's because when I was a child I was afraid of the dark. We lived in a big white ramshackle house at the bottom of a dead-end street in the hills of Charleston West … Read the rest

The True Immortal Story Tale

Today, my dear children, I’ll tell you the true story, the story about a King and three of his sons. The first one, named Arler, was brave and smart, no one could ever beat him. The second one, named Barler, was not so smart, but far more handsome. He was well-known for his affairs. The third one was Carler.

He was born during the thunderstorm, and everyone thought that he Read the rest


Контент 14+
One summer day I packed my backpack and headed out on an ethnographic expedition. I had just passed my exams and finished my first year as a student of the Moscow Academy of Music. This annual tour involves different students every go around because only several professors are engaged yet all students must participate at least once.

Our ethnographic laboratory had been studying the Bryansk region on the Read the rest

Nine Month Sober. Giving Birth in London.

Контент 18+
“This is your first baby…. There is no way that it is coming at 37 weeks. Put a hot water bottle on your back and get some sleep.” (Midwife in chief. Bath Royal United Hospital. July 20th, 2008)


Yeah…. Thanks for that advice “Senior Midwife “‘Ronda’ Midwife not only told me that I was not in labour, but went on to refuse me treatment when it was
Read the rest

Боль Московского бизнеса, или почему нечего будет есть (и негде)

Контент 18+
Вчера я ехал по бульварному кольцу, и видел пустые витрины с надписями "Аренда", "Продаю", "Сдам". Большинство из них были закрыты моими любимыми зелено-полосатыми реновационными стойками. Там умер бизнес. Потому что очередному человеку захотелось – уж не знаю, славы ли денег ли, но почему-то именно в тот момент, когда должен был пойти основной поток покупателей.

Бизнес в центре Москвы умирает, и тысячи людей теряют рабочие места, а с текущей … Read the rest