Street Dogs

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ The street dog I call Molly has recently had another batch of puppies, and nobody seems to know if that’s good or not so good. The neighbors have kindly supplied a dog house for the ‘family’, and the little dogs are growing. I take them food and so do others.

But just beyond their little field, which is rimmed ineffectually by strings of barbed … Read the rest

Jerry West And The Snows Of Yesteryear [Part 2]

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ (maybe even 21+)

Part 1:

The Late Innings

Now a lot of the shops and businesses were opening, and through the vast draperies of snow that reminded him of some sort of grand circus tent or bazaar full of an endless array of curtains with glittering designs from maybe Turkey or some Arab land with belly dancers bearing beautiful gleaming jewels in their … Read the rest

Jerry West And The Snows Of Yesteryear [Part 1]

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ (maybe even 21+)


The Snows

A Return to Charleston

There was a light snow falling when Gary Smithers got off the bus at the Greyhound station in the center of town. It was early in the morning, just after 6.00 or thereabouts, and he searched the streets for a cafe, not wanting his first coffee of the day to come from the scabrous … Read the rest

The Cosmic Junkyard Of The Human Mind

By Eric Le Roy

Content 21+


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Many … Read the rest

To God Or Not To God

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ I have always had a problem with God. I suppose that anyone who has shouted the words “God damn” as often I have (close to a million) can not in good faith (there I go again) declare himself a total atheist. Otherwise he would be crying out “Godless Damn!” Or, in a happier mood, “Praise the Nothingness!” In fact there are plenty of ‘atheist’ … Read the rest