Stuck on Earth

Content 18+ I went out on the balcony, and suddenly I saw that stars are visible here… for me, being born in a small town squeezed between the sandy desert and steppe vastness fuelled by oil underneath, the view of the night sky full of stars was something common and familiar. I used to dream of them, trying to guess if there is a life out there. Soon after my … Read the rest

The Changing Face of the Sky

Контент 14+ When I was a little boy in Martinsburg, West Virgina, I used to sit on the front porch of our house and watch the comings and goings along Queen Street, which ushered a stream of traffic in and out of town. Back then in America, the cars were very big (this was before Volkswagens, Fiats, and all those Japanese and Korean cars appeared in smaller sizes and were … Read the rest

Как я покупал тур на Пхукет (Таиланд). Онлайн и не очень.

Контент 14+
Обычно я езжу в Европу. Цивилизация, урбанизм, музеи и все такое. Плюс можно за неделю купить авиабилеты и просто взять и полететь, а не ездить по турфирмам. Но тут меня соблазнили поехать в Азию… Посмотрел я на билеты и стало грустно. Выбирал я страну по принципу наиболее цивилизованной, поэтому Таиланд. А там хочется потеплее и джунгли, поэтому Пхукет, но без трансвеститов, поэтому Карон. Такие были вводные. Про номера
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Prisons and Prisoners. Concrete Walls of Mind. Part 1.

Контент 18+
My first days in the hospital I worked only during daylight hours to meet the local orders. The hospital needed a doctor so desperately that I was pressed into action even before all the formalities were finished. On my very first day I was invited by a chief security officer into a rather stark and bleak furnished office where he probed me for details about my life, … Read the rest