First It Was The Mademoiselles

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ First it was the mademoiselles. Françoise Bardot. Monique Dubois. Charlotte DeGaulle. This was on Skype. They wanted me to accept their invitations to become le plus doux des amis, or something like that. Fingers gliding over and then affixed a-fondle my suddenly piqued genitalia, I considered these highly tempting offers.

For about a split second.

I knew what it was about. These days I … Read the rest

All The Cheesecake in the World

Content advisory 18+ There is a longstanding question which asks us if we -- given the opportunity -- would prefer to know when we will die or instead linger in the perpetual (until the chopping block moment) suspense of NOT knowing. I haven't taken a survey, but it seems that most people would choose not to know. Me? Well, I'm not sure.

animal antenna close up 813469_result

The pros and cons? Obviously, if we understood … Read the rest

The Narrow Road to the Far North

Content advisory 16+ I was having a spirited conversation today, early, with a really bright man -- he was frying breakfast eggs while talking with me on Skype (the ONLY way to eat breakfast !) -- about the best way to go about living one's life.

beans bread breakfast 103124_result

Of course, the thing about this very bright man (aged 47 and me -- a stout 69 as of today, 8 May--) is that … Read the rest

Подключенные к Матрице: как все успеть?

Контент 16+ “Давай по кофе, чтобы взбодриться?” спросил меня коллега. Да я и сам, если честно - кофеман, и уже потихоньку начал переходить с арабики на робусту, чтобы покрепче, пусть и не так вкусно и утонченно (если такое вообще можно сказать про эспрессо)). Надо пить кофе, чтобы с утра не плавно переходить к работе, а быть эффективным моментально, больше успевать...чтобы получить еще задание, чтобы успеть еще больше, чтобы заработать еще … Read the rest