The Only One Who Knows

Content advisory 18+ Without ever having been a surfer, I remember watching a film a long time ago about surfing. It was called ''The Endless Summer" and it showed (endlessly) the magnificent, bronzed guy surfers (Wow !-- if only I were gay !!!) as they sat on the waves, dipping and slanting at just the precise instant, simultaneously gliding, dictating terms to the sea, and then being abruptly devoured, violently … Read the rest


Контент 14+
One summer day I packed my backpack and headed out on an ethnographic expedition. I had just passed my exams and finished my first year as a student of the Moscow Academy of Music. This annual tour involves different students every go around because only several professors are engaged yet all students must participate at least once.

Our ethnographic laboratory had been studying the Bryansk region on the Read the rest

Эбола вашему дому, или Бытовой Садизм

Контент 18+
Несмотря на броский заголовок, речь пойдет именно об этом. В смысле это не для «красного словца». Чуть ниже, под катом)
Предыстория: Я недавно купил себе планшет на Windows 10, который решил приспособить под суперпортативный ноутбук. Легкая клавиатура и чехол. Ну, чтобы в отпуск брать и в метро писать. Excel базовый мне нужен везде и всегда, с макросами.

И решил я поставить себе на планшет игры. Ну а что, Read the rest

Prisons and Prisoners. Concrete Walls of Mind. Part 1.

Контент 18+
My first days in the hospital I worked only during daylight hours to meet the local orders. The hospital needed a doctor so desperately that I was pressed into action even before all the formalities were finished. On my very first day I was invited by a chief security officer into a rather stark and bleak furnished office where he probed me for details about my life, … Read the rest

Prisons and Prisoners. Silent Cry. Pre-story.

Контент 16+
We were sitting and smoking on the windowsill in a bare examination room inside a hospital. There were out-dated but clean furnishings around us, with patches on the upholstery and traces of multiple repairs on wooden parts. Clearly, someone had at least cared enough to make the room presentable to staff workers. Unlikely somebody could try for the sake of patients here. The doctor next to me was
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