The Way in the Shadows

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Контент 18+ It is always more difficult to move forward when it seems that everything is against you. Friends have dissolved in the shadows or have become the shadows of the past themselves. They are engrossed in an endless evil race in the hope of getting the last piece from the back of the dying whale. Partners began to share losses, and not profits, and your health over the years... well, we are all not getting any younger.

Night comes in the city, and the shadows, those that have long been silent, go hunting. It seems that nothing can be improved, and there is no way out. Two minutes left before midnight, this never happened before, and world leaders continue to talk about the arms race, about the improvement of nuclear weapons... which for some time can turn from the deterrent weapon to the means of destruction, if someone really can beat the other one in technological terms... In this case, it is important to understand that strength is a weakness, and everything is not in fact as it seems at first sight.

Shadows are gathering, and this has happened more than once. Fortunately, there were no such opportunities at that time. We hold the hope, expecting that everything will be resolved by itself. It will burn, but won’t let go, my friend.

You need to move forward anyway. There is always a way out, and everything will pass. Everything passes in this world, any greatness and weakness. Civilizations disappear, empires dissolve in the shadows. Any of them is doomed to such a fate and it does not matter what the temporary kings believe. The differences between races and nations are a tool of politics. We are all in the same boat that sails through the endless empty cold Universe, and the shadow falls on the boat to make a new day and new achievements come tomorrow.

Find the fire, frozen in the veins because of the cold of everyday life, because of the routine and running in the wheel. Cuddle your wife and children. Find yourself a partner if you do not have one.

Let the fire illuminate your path and disperse the shadows in your heart. Let him clear the corners of consciousness from far-fetched delirium, from false idols. Let love and power enter your heart, and tomorrow will be better than today. Remember that the candle of knowledge dispels the demons that are hiding in the darkness. Remember that as long as you have your opinion, you can stand up and go on.

And even if people's madness will destroy this planet, a new life will appear on it, because life is stronger than madness.

===Artem Kovalev===

Voice by ReGerar

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