The Winters of My Summer Afternoons

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I any of you ever wondered, Eric and I are not just bloggers, but writers, so the blog was always sort of a hobby. While my books were published mostly in Russian, Eric is obviously publishing in English, and there is his new book, The Winters of My Summer Afternoons, available on Amazon already!

And I quote here, as it would be hard to say it better:

"These writings - perhaps best termed meditations - are in their essence comprised of two voices: one is that of a well-seasoned man coming to grips with his own mistakes, broken relationships, and his mortality, while the other is the keen tone of the philosopher-wit who is able to find humor in the direst and saddest of situations. The reader ought to be forewarned that many of these episodes do not end happily, that they are in many cases populated by the down-and-out - cracks whores and alcoholics among them - but through it all runs the pinging of life, the joyfulness of being alive on crowded city subways and beside wide and glowing seasides. Morgantown, New York City, St. Augustine, London, Moscow, and the small town of Bliznatsi, Bulgaria? these are but a few of the touchstones of one man's journey toward peace of mind and redemption."

As I feel it, this book is a hidden gem on a modern market of popular culture and entertainment, which allows reader to immerse in the ocean of feelings on a raft of hope and integrity, presenting fresh sounding writing carefully balanced by admiring classic approach speaking about dares and hopes of modernity in a way rarely seen before.

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