What do you think of Russian women? – Part 1.

Почему-то у нас с Эриком бывает, что вдохновение нападает почти одновременно. Я тоже думал написать на эту тему, но, пожалуй, в этом случае уступлю дорогу старшим) Контент 16+.

One thing I get asked a lot is "What do you think of Russian women?" And since I don't hang out with the Western expat crowd anymore, this question is posed primarily by Russians, usually men, but sometimes by women too. I guess that I am indirectly flattered that they even ask; it means they assume I have some experience in the field in spite of my advancing years -- and they are right.

   In some ways the question seems trite and even inviting of a presumptuous answer, as if I am somehow in a position to hold myself up as an international judge of feminine pulchritude -- kind of like a wine connoisseur (I don't think a hell of a lot of wine connoisseurs: after a couple of glasses all that plonk tastes about the same to me, and maybe the same could be said of women.)  But it is a natural question coming from those who are merely curious. Inevitably, they want me to compare Russian women to American women. So here is my answer.

    First, foreign women always appeal to men of any nationality. Everything, from accent (of speech) to manner of dress, from methods of seduction and refusal, from the music playing in the background, from anything of which both the illusion and reality of female sexuality is composed, comes across, at least briefly, as more enticing in a foreign woman than in a similar representative from one's own country. And that is because sex is almost always based on fantasy. If there is one thing I have learned after all these years -- and I think it is a very sad thing indeed -- it is that most of the time when we think we fall in love with another person, this "fall" has very little to do with the other person as a separate entity which we -- reaching across the gulf, the chasm, the cosmos separating us -- seek with all our hearts to bond and blend with...no, sadly no. Mostly we 'love' the way this other forever separate entity makes us feel -- from orgasm to sense of serenity. They provoke it, but the feeling is ours. We imagine that we are in love with them, with her, but what we are in love with is the way we feel when we are drinking their blood. It is about us. When the fantasy starts to die, we then begin the long expedition of fault-finding, locating and pinpointing shortcomings in these partners that we never saw before (Oh Fuck!!!), and the next thing you know we are discarding them in favor of some new 'love' which is exciting and exotic enough (in our ephemeral world) to let us get briefly high again. The game of fantasy that is ultimately based on self-love. The other person is just the needle that shoots the dope.

     And what sounds better than some foreign woman, purring softly, "Oh what a beeg deek you have?"  It sure sounds better than some strumpet from your own country (if you are from the West) saying things like: Why do you ALWAYS need to be the one on top?"  Etc.

     One more thing before I actually do branch off into what seems different to me about Russian ladies. It is the humbling reminder, guys, that women the world over basically want the same things from a man. In short, they want him to be sober (most of the time), reliable, able to hold down a steady job, a good father, a reasonably adequate lover (this seems to be more important among basic, working-class women who still know how to enjoy the natural pleasures; not so much among the business elite females who just don't have time for sex (or babies); and, at some level (even true among feminists though they won't admit it), a man and not a coward. In fact, I would swear -- though maybe I wax nostalgic -- that this is true at some kind of primeval level which persists to this day in most cultures. Like the need we seem to have for an adrenaline rush. A man is not supposed to be a pussy. He is supposed to be a man.

      So if you think, Captain America, that you can leave a trail of tears and misery back in good ol' Texas or Tennessee and find you a sexy Russian gal who is going to cater to your alcoholism and brutality, think again.. If anything, Russian women, at least the ones I have been closest to, have stronger morals than those from other countries. And many of them -- such as my wife -- have a pathological horror of alcoholism.

      Many Western men think that Russian women can be bought. This is, to me, a very ticklish 'yes-and-no'  question which I don't know how to answer. I will try, but I may be wrong. Many Russian women advertise on the internet for foreign men. So do Ukrainian women, Albanian women, Romanian women, Bulgarian women, and on and on it goes. And they do it -- or they must do it -- not because most of them are digging for gold but because they have not been able to connect with adequate men in their own countries. I do not believe that they are mercenary per se; I just think they want to live. They want a chance. In reality, many of them are just average-to-good looking women with nothing to hide and no great charms to offer. On the other hand, some are really beautiful and this is what the Western men fall for. A lot of these guys, it must be said, seem to be looking for something easy. Many of them have spent their lives being told to fuck off by their own women, and they long for the opportunity to go swaggering down the streets of the town with some super-human Russian beauty at their side and the chance to tell the local skanks who rejected them to go piss in the stream.

     The beautiful Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc., girls are there for the green card. They will tolerate pot-bellied Slobnik for two years, and then they are away.

     Well, sometimes, that happens. But sometimes not. Sometimes, the love connections are real.

      The physical beauty of Russian women is something that I would attest to, and -- as I have come to see that this blog is being read by people in many other countries -- I will say above all that Russian women are, collectively, the most beautiful I have ever seen. I realize that this is a massive generalization, but I stand by it. I mean, it's like saying that the Spanish were the best bullfighters, the Italians are the best at making spaghetti, and the Swiss wonderful making clocks. Somebody has to be the best. Well, the Russians produce the best-looking women. Maybe it is because there are and have been so many cultures flourishing across this huge country. Over the centuries, people have melted together to produce magnificent combinations, although I have seen here -- as indeed I did in England, Italy, and Germany -- that there are several prototypes of Russian face. One of the ones I like best is that rounded face with the slightly turned-up nose. The former tennis player, Anna Kournikova, has that kind of face. Another tennis player, Sharapova, also has a 'Russian' face, but in a different way. Well, there are just a number of these structured faces that you meet again and again in endless variety.

Russian girls tend to be tall, and I admire this, seriously adore it as a physical attribute. I am not short but certainly not tall by today's standards, but the height of Russian girls doesn't intimidate me. But it amazes me. Sometimes I will be walking down the street or through the metro, and some towering creature will go blazing by....so, guys, if tall women make you feel threatened, then you should avoid the Russians. And, I might add that, as tall people will do, some Russian girls have large hands and feet. Some, one can see, have suffered by cramming their feet into god-knows-what kind of tiny little stirrup, resulting in a huge knot on the the outer rim of the foot,.But others just say the hell with it, and enjoy their long-limbed beauty. Many Russian girls have, therefore, the best faces and the longest toes (if you like that sort of thing, and I rather do.). Last but not least, please don't get it into your heads, gentlemen, that all Russians are blonde. They are nothing less than a smorgasbord of beautiful options.

      But that leaves the big questions of Character, Personality, and Temperament, doesn't it? What about these aspects of Russian women?. Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will tell you.

===Eric Richard Le Roy===

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