Are We Not All Beings?

Content 18+ We, humans, have long held a conceited notion that we are the epitome of existence, the chosen ones. This arrogant belief has often blinded us to the rights and realities of our fellow earthlings – animals. It is high time we broach a question that has long lingered in the shadows: Should animals have legal personhood?

To begin with, let's shed light on what it means to be … Read the rest

Hope: A Garden Of Seeds With Flowers Maybe Later

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ In reading Mr. Anderson’s short dissertation entitled “Hope: A Poisonous Delusion that Beguiles Humanity”, I had the gun to my head, ready to pull the trigger, when my old dog Casper, a glorious Rhodesian Ridgeback who, like me, has seen better days, started squirming and whining and dancing his all too familiar, “Daddy, I really have to have a toilet break!” He stared at … Read the rest

A Single Spark Matters

Content 14+ Imagine standing alone in the pitch black, with nothing but shadows for company. Now imagine striking a match. That tiny flame, though small, pushes back the darkness and reveals what was hidden in the shadows. This, dear reader, is the power of science in our world—a solitary spark in an otherwise dark night.

Our world is often shrouded in superstitions and irrational fears that dance like phantoms in … Read the rest

Homo Sapien:The Malignant Magician

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ My esteemed colleague Mr. Anderson (whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person) has nailed another great blog with a piece called “Humanity: Earth’s Ambitious Parasite.” In this article, he skillfully delineates the way in which the human monkey known as homo sapien (just look out the window and chances are you’ll see a few of them; venture outside and you’ll … Read the rest