Hope: A Poisonous Delusion That Beguiles Humanity

Content 21+ In the vast expanse of human history, one concept has persisted as a pernicious toxin infecting the minds of the masses: hope. Like a seductive siren, it lulls individuals into a false sense of security, promising salvation and deliverance from the trials of existence. Yet, upon closer inspection, hope reveals itself to be nothing more than a mirage, a cruel deception that shackles humanity to a cycle … Read the rest

United or Dead

Nothing to kill or die for… ("Imagine", John Winston Lennon)

Content 18+ Not sure if you've heard about the Fermi paradox - why we haven't met aliens yet. There is one possible answer to it, and in modern reality it seems to become more and more The One - The Great Filter[1].

Now I am going to step on many toes, but there is no easy way to … Read the rest

The Circus Is In Town

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ As time goes by, I get more nervous. And fatalistic. I confess to suspecting that some of it is just my age. 73 as of 8 May 2022. I measure my future in terms of every new sunrise experienced, and this is good because it encourages a sharp focus on matters at hand.

But it also breeds fear, and for now I am not … Read the rest

The True Immortal Story Tale

Today, my dear children, I’ll tell you the true story, the story about a King and three of his sons. The first one, named Arler, was brave and smart, no one could ever beat him. The second one, named Barler, was not so smart, but far more handsome. He was well-known for his affairs. The third one was Carler.

He was born during the thunderstorm, and everyone thought that he Read the rest


Контент 14+
One summer day I packed my backpack and headed out on an ethnographic expedition. I had just passed my exams and finished my first year as a student of the Moscow Academy of Music. This annual tour involves different students every go around because only several professors are engaged yet all students must participate at least once.

Our ethnographic laboratory had been studying the Bryansk region on the Read the rest