Street Dogs

By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ The street dog I call Molly has recently had another batch of puppies, and nobody seems to know if that’s good or not so good. The neighbors have kindly supplied a dog house for the ‘family’, and the little dogs are growing. I take them food and so do others.

But just beyond their little field, which is rimmed ineffectually by strings of barbed … Read the rest

Happy at Last

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ I am blessed by the fact that my students and other friends are always sending me interesting things to read. One I got recently was an excellent article by a writer I hadn’t heard of named Cody Delistraty on the theme of what he termed the “relentless, competitive” quest for ‘Happiness” and how people today often make themselves miserable trying to obtain it.

I … Read the rest


By Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ Last night, with no intention at all of doing so, I allowed myself to watch a film about Hachiko, the famous dog who waited by the train station for 9 years in hopes that his master would come in the evening. The long awaited man, who had died of an aneurysm, never did make it back, but the undeterred animal was indomitable. Finally, the … Read the rest

The Past

by Eric Le Roy

The Past is another country. They do things differently there.”

H.P. Hartley. The Go Between

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Content 18+ A once famous but now mostly forgotten American poet named Marianne Moore once defined poetry as “Putting real toads in imaginary gardens.” I have never heard it said better, and I think that she meant identifying and extracting something palpable from the mist of the human spirit, transferring … Read the rest

The Road That Was Taken

Content 16+

Once when I was stuck in Palatka, Florida, a truly smelly north Florida backwater featuring an all-pervading, nostril-putrefying paper mill, I took an English class from one George Kennedy, who hailed from Chicago. He was Head of the Department at St. Johns Junior College back in the very early 1970’s.

George, unlike the other professors – even those from up north who seemed to fit in well with … Read the rest