A Serious Change Of Heart

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ Of late, I have noticed a host of things regarding AI which are more compelling than my previous – and mostly unscientific – assessments. For example, being a storyteller by trade, that is to say, more interested in the outcomes of human relationships than in raw technology for its own sake, I have tried to imagine a future in which robots and humans will … Read the rest

Friends In The Blink Of An Eye

By Eric Le Roy

      Content 18+ I never used to give much thought to the subject of friendship. Oh, surface-wise I did, and I have assigned ‘Friendship’ as a topic many times to students over the years. “What Qualities Do You Look For in a Friendship? ” has always been a go-to gas burner for stiff brains.  One of those generic things like “What is the Meaning of ‘Success’” … Read the rest