The Starbridge Over China And Other Essays – Part 3

The final essay from "The Starbridge Over China" collection...

By Elaine Jiang,蒋绎藟

The Three Gorges

Content 6+ The last lesson on Monday afternoon is Chinese. In this Monday’s Chinese class, our teacher taught us a poem written by Li Daoyuan – a great poet in ancient China. He wrote about a famous view in southwest China – the Three Gorges. Listening to the teacher’s slow and soft voice, I fell … Read the rest

The Starbridge Over China And Other Essays

Today we welcome a new author of our blog, @elainej (Elaine Jiang,蒋绎藟) - meet Elaine!

starting with her short essays...and who knows what comes next!

By Elaine Jiang,蒋绎藟

 Star Bridge

Content 6+ I sit in front of my bedroom window and watch the sky as if I half-expected it to watch me back. Darkness has colored the city and there’s no star above at all, not one. But in my … Read the rest