Cossack Odyssey: Echoes Through Time

Content 6+ Lately, my curiosity about my ancestral roots has been growing stronger—a fascination that seems to blossom with age and the realization of how political decisions can shape the lives of ordinary people, often against their will.

The inklings of my family's origins had always hinted at a land farther east than my own birthplace. It wasn't until a DNA test confirmed this suspicion that I truly began … Read the rest

The Past

by Eric Le Roy

The Past is another country. They do things differently there.”

H.P. Hartley. The Go Between

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Content 18+ A once famous but now mostly forgotten American poet named Marianne Moore once defined poetry as “Putting real toads in imaginary gardens.” I have never heard it said better, and I think that she meant identifying and extracting something palpable from the mist of the human spirit, transferring … Read the rest

My Time Travel Fantasy

by Eric Le Roy

Content 13+ As all my friends are aware, I am planning to make a 3000 years-into-the-future journey to Mars next week in my state-of-the-art time machine. Most of them are concerned about my welfare, but I am cautiously optimistic. Moreover, I have been obsessed with embarking on such an epic odyssey for a long time, and it cannot be put off any longer.

Nevertheless, there are … Read the rest

The Usher

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Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels

Content 18+ Lou was sitting at the table in the cafe eating his sandwich and staring absently at the milling about of other people. It was random of course, but it also seemed strangely choreographed, as if they had all secretly made plans to move this way and that, occupying tables, chattering and eating, paying and leaving. And he wondered why he saw them … Read the rest