Baby Boomer Jamboree And Generation X,Y,Zee

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ This is written in response to Mr. Anderson’s most recent eruption, which is called “Goddamn Millennials”. For reasons I am not sure of, I – as the designated Baby Boomer – am cast as the smug and ornately slippered villain tucked away safely in some state-of-the-architectural- art-suburban castle gazing from lofty windows and out beyond the Security Gates, glass of Jack Daniels in hand … Read the rest

Goddamn Millenials!

Content 18+ Typically, it's Eric who responds to me, but presently, as I peruse his articles, I find I've got a thing or two to pass on to him. You discourse on contemporary existence, nascent generations, ignorance, and technological enslavement...

Ah, the very word 'Millennial' seems to drip with disdain from the lips of many a Baby Boomer. They look upon this younger generation and see a landscape littered with … Read the rest

A Single Spark Matters

Content 14+ Imagine standing alone in the pitch black, with nothing but shadows for company. Now imagine striking a match. That tiny flame, though small, pushes back the darkness and reveals what was hidden in the shadows. This, dear reader, is the power of science in our world—a solitary spark in an otherwise dark night.

Our world is often shrouded in superstitions and irrational fears that dance like phantoms in … Read the rest

Humanity: Earth’s Ambitious Parasite

Content 18+ In the vast, interconnected tapestry of life, humanity has etched a role unparalleled by any predecessor. Our engagement with Mother Earth is a dichotomy of extraordinary innovation and relentless exploitation, reminiscent of a sophisticated parasite devouring resources, undermining the very essence of our world.

Since the dawn of existence, humans have not only demonstrated a profound ability to dramatically alter the environment but also a unique propensity for … Read the rest

Friends In The Blink Of An Eye

By Eric Le Roy

      Content 18+ I never used to give much thought to the subject of friendship. Oh, surface-wise I did, and I have assigned ‘Friendship’ as a topic many times to students over the years. “What Qualities Do You Look For in a Friendship? ” has always been a go-to gas burner for stiff brains.  One of those generic things like “What is the Meaning of ‘Success’” … Read the rest