Nine Month Sober. Giving Birth in London.

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“This is your first baby…. There is no way that it is coming at 37 weeks. Put a hot water bottle on your back and get some sleep.” (Midwife in chief. Bath Royal United Hospital. July 20th, 2008)


Yeah…. Thanks for that advice “Senior Midwife “‘Ronda’ Midwife not only told me that I was not in labour, but went on to refuse me treatment when it was
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Prisons and Prisoners. Grinder. Part 5.

Контент 18+ (лексика, подробные описания сцен насилия, описание тюремной жизни и порядков)

I had many night duties. As Valery explained me, they desperately needed a doctor to cover the 'graveyard' shift. When I was a student I had had similar experience working in emergency stations at night while learning during the days. It was hard, but in the prison, it was even more difficult.

I had never been subjected to
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Зачем блогеру нужны читатели? – Paint It Black.

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Знаете, я давно уже согласился с тем, что тупые посты Лены Миро мне не превзойти, равно как и искусство Варламова ткнуть вас лицом в грязь, от чего вы будете восторженно писать в комментариях – и правда! мы живем в говне! И поднимать его доход и рейтинг.

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