The Great Russian Firewall? Artems’ opinion.

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As you should have already understood, I tend to write less than Eric, and by “less” I mean “shorter”. Usually I agree with him, sometimes I do not know what to write about the topic he chose; anyway, in the case of Internet limitations I would stand and write my own opinion.

First., and on that, I should stress, the fact that both opinions can ‘live’ together in this blog is what I call the Freedom of the Internet. Those who deny this statement would actually deny the freedom of thought, which, in turn, leads to the “1984” book situation.

This is the thing banned in China. That’s why I think that in any case their example should not be followed and should be dispraised by any person, who would like to be not a sheep, but a man, with an opportunity to have his own opinion.

Censorship of the Internet is bad itself mainly because of the fact who censors are and whose interests do they protect, as it is usually government interests. And each government (and here I agree with Eric) will try to pursue its’ egoistic goal. That’s why, from my point of view, not a single government should be allowed, for the good of all humankind, prevention of debilization and wars, started by the clouded minds, to control the content which the user will use. In the worst scenario, this should be the intergovernmental organization, representing all countries, which would be able to decide. At least they won’t try to announce that the country leader is a Son of God, or medieval Tzar (interesting that people sometimes tend to recall the dark times and find something romantic in them. Probably they forgot about the droit du seigneur, bastards, cholera, plague, etc.).

Poor people. They believe in greater good, promoting greater bad.

I have heard many ideas of restriction for the best, many ideas telling that people are not that evolved. I read about people burning down priceless libraries just to make sure people will not read something they should not know. I understand that those who control the Internet now can control the world. I also know, that the Internet, being a trash bin of thoughts nowadays, can fight for itself, as in its’ architecture lies its’ freedom, and all restrictions just promote intelligent people to seek for the ways to know many opinions instead of one, and, in general, I see that the Great China Firewall helped many software developers and even ordinary users to evolve.

Thus, sometimes by controlling something we sometimes promote seeking the truth, having wider thoughts, and if someone understands that something is being hidden – well, it is veeery tempting to know what it is.

Hail restrictions! What doesn’t kill us  - makes us stronger!

===Artem Kovalev===

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