The Sin of Men with White Skin

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Content advisory 18+ You know, I read a lot of blogs posted by authors great and small, coming from all directions. One source in particular, which I won't mention by name but which in fact does publish some excellent stuff, also seems to be a haven for hard-line feminists and various other typoids and assorted specimens lumbered with a lot of sexual preference issues. Gender is a big, big deal with these people, and so are the various race and culture issues which often seem to come down to a question of ‘people of color’ being victimized by the privileged White Establishment.

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Let’s start with sex. If you follow this source, you soon get initiated into the use of such wonderful terminology as: ableism, neurodiversity, ''Woke" (I draw a blank on that one), sapiosexuality, binary, transphobic, CIS (another blank), and so on and so on.

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And If indeed you want to take the high road (which I am all in favor of), you could say it represents a celebration of sexual diversity. But if you don't like fancy-schmancy, artsy-fartsy, hokey-sounding academic bullshit ( I don't -- and not because I wasn't exposed to it for years at university), you could say that it reduces the simple and basic joys of sex (especially, God forbid, between ordinary men and women) to a bunch of overly cerebral nitpicking. Moreover, it invariably caters to the tedious concept (which Americans of the ilk in question passionately embrace) of Victimization. In the West, everybody (well almost, as we shall see) is a ‘victim’.

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What it really comes down to in many of these blogs is that people who retain (or claim to) more traditional sexual ethics are automatically accused of being what I shall call "Phobics" -- that is, homophobic, transphobic, amputee-phobic, whatever-phobic.

First order of business in these blogs is of course the castigation, ridicule and hatred of straight white men. That’s the key, the way in, the Door to the Discussion: The White man is to blame for everything. It is Basic Concept 101 of ultra-’liberal’ catechism. Men are bad.

But especially pernicious are White men. Among feminists, particularly White feminists, Black men always get a pass, for the reason that they too are seen as victims. But NOT the White guys. THEY are the sexist jerks, the sometimes physical and ALWAYS psychological rapists of civilization present and past, every one of them -- from Moses to Walt Disney to Santa Claus.

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Of course most of these white academic feminists know sweet fuck-all about the ghetto. (Not all blacks come from the ghetto, nor behave in such a way as to make you think they do -- and the media accordingly ignores them because they are not newsworthy) But I know plenty about ghettos because back in my wilder days, I made a habit of buying my drugs and banging the walk-on-the-wild-side girls down in the Hood. I can tell you that Black guys in these places are completely off the chain. They are brutal, ruthless, and deadly -- and they do NOT treat women well. But White feminists think they are victims and would be happy to cuddle up to them (even though they are MEN, damn it !)

Second is this, and now I want to talk about Gay people: The 'liberal' whites (in reality not liberal at all in a classical sense but rather inflexibly doctrinaire -- like Bolsheviks, if those bastards were still prowling the streets today) who write these blogs try to portray gay people purely as victims. The idea promoted is that here goes the poor, harmless little gay chap on his innocent errand to buy marshmallows at the supermarket and lo-and-behold, the muscle-bound Nazi goons jump out of the shadows and pound him into the asphalt.

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The reality is often different. Gay men very often combine the pathological cruelty of certain straight men with the vicious bitchiness of certain kinds of women, and the result is a VERY repulsive creature who is NOT to be pitied in any way. The gay community, unfairly treated as it usually is, nevertheless is well-represented by these kinds of nasty, angry men and women, but those are never the ones the fawning bloggers describe.

No, it is always straight White men who get all the blame.

Guys like me, in other words. Homophobic to the core (NOT!)

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Personally, I am fond of tall cold-eyed Russian girls who look like they might work for the secret police and hot Latino muchachas who wear bright nail polish and walk in rhythm to a salsa dance. Both preferably with a sense of humor (Russian girls often have this recklessly joyous quality beneath the iron facade), dazzling eyes, and, if possible as a pleasant addition, appealingly shapely hands and erotically supple feet (my personal thing).

I have enjoyed the company of both kinds of the women I describe, and, in fact, quite a few others. In London, I even had a nice night sleeping with an attractive lady who, as I have since put two-and-two together, might very well have been a sex-change individual. Like in Thailand. No problem. Guess I am just a lucky guy.

And do you know what? Whether long term or short term, I have loved these women. They were as splendid as any fantasy I could have come up with.They have helped to make my life worth living and I salute them all. I hope I have done OK for them too. We are all friends together. Is this...somehow... sexism? I suppose the bloggers I have described would scream "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, you chauvinistic pig !"

Well, baciami il culo.

And do you know what ? (This will really gag the throats of a lot of people). It is a very arguable point -- and NOT fascism in any way -- to suggest that WHITE MEN, for better or for worse, have been the principal players in the construction of Western Civilization as we know it today. And, guess what else? A large number of the WHITE MEN have been ANGLO-SAXONS. With a generous assortment of Germans (in particular) and other continental Europeans, all supplemented by the presence of the magnificent Jewish people who grace the earth in all corners, and there you have it: Western Civilization. And the sad fact is, ladies, that most of these builders have been MEN.

That is reality and it does NOT absolve WHITE (ANGLO-SAXON) MEN from all the hideous and disgusting things they have done -- such as fuck up the ecology totally. It does not mean that I, who come from that stock, am entirely proud of it.

But what it DOES mean is that guys similar to me -- except maybe smarter, more aggressive, more imaginative, etc., but similar in gender and color -- have largely built the Western World. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the African slaves, and the Asian railroad workers (in America), Indians (during and since the days of the British Empire) have played their role -- especially so in terms of mere SWEAT. But beyond the labor, the ingenuity required emanated from the sources I have said.

And YES, in the past there were many great women, if not working independently, then certainly driving the men onwards. And YES, the Egyptians built the pyramids, etc. I KNOW THAT. But what we now call the UK and the USA are basically the products of WHITE MEN. If you don't like what they have come up with, then please blow it all to hell, and let's start again. OK with me. But accept the fact.

When I went back to Florida State University in 1996 to complete my Ph.D. studies, I realized the minute I walked into the English department that I had stepped on foreign soil. The department was ruled by feminists and men who sympathized absolutely with their agenda. As a graduate assistant, I had teaching responsibilities. At the our first official meeting, the woman (naturally) in charge, ran off a list of important items and to-do's, and after every single one she barked at the rest of us: "Do you have a problem with this?" No. Next item. "Do you have a problem with this?" No.

What I WAS having a problem with was her uncalled-for aggression and needlessly confrontational tone.

So I finally spoke up and said, "The only thing I have a problem with is when you keep asking me if I have a problem."

My goose was cooked from then on. The word was out. Here is a troublemaker.

But the main thing was that I was a man -- yes, alas, a Man who was also afflicted with the disease of WHITENESS. The other problem was that I was a weight-lifter and had a big masculine body. The Feminazis hated it. They thought it meant I worked for the gestapo.

I also used to bring my lunch to some of our official teachers' meetings. Often this consisted of Big Macs or meatloaf sandwiches from home. The menu offended the vegetarian crowd, which included the women and some of the quiche-eating geek-guys who also wore funny sandals and drank spritzer water. When I realized how much they hated my diet, I started extra-loading the mustard and ketchup, so that it would bust out of the sides of my mouth whenever I took a bite.

I would also make a point of talking about the weekend's football matches, which I knew they would never dream of watching.

"Did you see the Alabama-LSU game? The Crimson Tide really kicked their asses, didn't they?"

That always scored points with the quiche and veggie crowd. Talkin' smack.

My theory was that if they were going to despise me (for all the wrong reasons), I might as well make myself despicable.

And do you know what? I didn't want it that way.

I came in there wanting to be friends, just another student. And Free to express my thoughts.


Therefore I was the root of all evil.

Fuck 'em. Then and Now.

===Eric Richard Leroy===

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