Dollars From The Dustbin

by Eric Le Roy

Content 18+ An article has recently come under my nose which, to say the very least, compares Europe very favorably with the United States. In fact, this piece, written by an author who usually knows better, is so lacking in objectivity as to provoke a response from me. It’s anti-American thesis is twofold: (1) the ‘American Dream’ is nothing more than a ‘masterful sales pitch’ that … Read the rest

Goddamn Millenials!

Content 18+ Typically, it's Eric who responds to me, but presently, as I peruse his articles, I find I've got a thing or two to pass on to him. You discourse on contemporary existence, nascent generations, ignorance, and technological enslavement...

Ah, the very word 'Millennial' seems to drip with disdain from the lips of many a Baby Boomer. They look upon this younger generation and see a landscape littered with … Read the rest

The Dream That Consumes Us

Content 21+ In the grand theater of human existence, civilizations rise and fall, leaving their marks like actors exiting the stage. One role that continues to be recast is the pursuit of prosperity, driven by intoxicating ideals. The American Dream, a concept as American as apple pie, plays this role to perfection. But beneath its glossy veneer lies a sinister truth. It promises success and wealth but also fuels ecological … Read the rest

Where Torches Burn

Content advisory 18+ The other day a friend of mine was trying to explain something during a lesson we were having on Skype. He is a 49-year-old Russian businessman who used to live in America. He is very pro-American, or, shall I say, pro-West, in terms of what he considers its more highly evolved way of life. BUT he is Russian at heart, which I can only explain (to myself … Read the rest