Prisons and Prisoners. Pain of Truth. Part 2.

Контент 18+
On the day before my first night
duty our only anesthetist-resuscitator Elena had given me her own personal phone number.
— Don’t hesitate to disturb me in any case of emergency, — she said. She was an amiable old doctor who could have retired ages ago, but she loved her job and, moreover, there was no other resuscitator in the hospital. I gave her thanks but hoped that
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Prisons and Prisoners. Concrete Walls of Mind. Part 1.

Контент 18+
My first days in the hospital I worked only during daylight hours to meet the local orders. The hospital needed a doctor so desperately that I was pressed into action even before all the formalities were finished. On my very first day I was invited by a chief security officer into a rather stark and bleak furnished office where he probed me for details about my life, … Read the rest

Почему снова дождь? И когда будет лето?

Контент 14+

В мае я написал первый пост про климат. Тогда он не вызвал особого отклика в сердцах наших вечно спешащих граждан…к сожалению. Сегодня, выйдя на улицу в +11, я снова вспомнил про это, потому как все лето бежал – так же как и все.

Под моим окном чадил трактор, привычно дымили трубы ТЭЦ ща несколько километров, а хмурые люди снова жаловались на погоду, которую создали сами своими руками. Все … Read the rest