To End Their Lives Or Not – Part 2

By Eric Le Roy

Content 21+ (To End Their Lives Or Not – Part 1)

I shall try to answer the question in my own way. First, I think that the nature of the crime has to be considered. Should, for example, a serial pedophile murderer be spared the death penalty? Think of what he has done, and further, consider the ramifications. Not only has he destroyed life – multiple times – before it had time to blossom and have a chance at life when, by contrast, the murderer had his chance; not only that, but try to imagine the horror and agony the child experienced, how that child’s last glimpse of the planet earth was being torn apart for incomprehensible reasons. Then multiply that by how many times the killer struck, simply to live out his fantasies. Then consider the families, and how those families fan out from nuclear to extended families, and try to contemplate the GRIEF they will experience FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Finally, let’s consider that if the murderer avoids detection, he will be able to enjoy life, maybe for decades: football, hamburgers, vacations, etc.-- until that day when he is caught, perhaps 20 years later.

Rehabilitation is out of the question. So, Artem, there is no sense sending him to a soft ‘Let’s Go to Summer Camp, Junior’ prison campus like in Norway. Ah, but he is Sick – not Evil – Artem proposes. Then he wonders if using the mental illness card would it be ok to kill everyone suffering from dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and paranoia? I reply: not unless they kill innocent people. Nowadays in America, killing someone while driving drunk is 2nd degree murder and results in what is for all practical purposes, a life sentence. But the perpetrator says he was so drunk he doesn’t remember a thing. Of course he didn’t do it on purpose. Tell the dead person. Explain that to the corpse down at the morgue.

The homicidal pedophile. Sick, yes, he is. He is a sexual psychopath. Does that absolve him from guilt? Does that mean he was not responsible for his actions? Ah, but he was cunning enough to evade capture for decades, just as many serial killers have done. Is he just EVIL?

There’s the rub. Secular society, which is bred of social relativism, no longer accepts any such thing as an ABSOLUTE. Therefore, NOTHING can be branded ‘Evil’ just as nothing can be said to be ‘Good’. The man who honors his wife is no better than the man who beats his wife because….well, maybe the honorable husband is a bank robber and the wife-beater is one who supports 20 different charities. So it’s all relative, right? No way to determine.

But isn’t it also true that sometimes we just know things – the way that there is something infinitely ‘good’ about the birth of new life or the sight of a baby playing with a puppy – and something inherently bad when soldiers ‘liquidate’ a village full of harmless, innocent people? If we have reached the point where we can not tell one thing from another even in extreme forms of presentation, then we have no moral compass at all, and we are completely adrift, completely undone of anything resembling conscience or dignity.

So, readers, ask yourself: have you ever met something – even the smile of an elderly person or the joy of a wedding day – that was unmistakably, according to all your values, Good? Have you ever met the opposite? I am sure you have, and probably more than once. And you did not need a Sociology book or a philosopher or psychologist to explain the difference – or, worse, con you into believing that there was no difference.

Some people, I conclude, are evil and do evil things. Are most of them incorrigible? Well, never say never, but I suspect that most of them are. Let them out, and they will do the same thing. It’s been demonstrated before. I say, punish Evil in the same way Evil punished Innocence. And I am NOT religious. I just think what I think.

The second thing I would like to pose as a possible rebuttal to Artem is this. Question: is human life SACRED? He surely believes it is. I don’t believe it at all; in fact, I don’t see why the life of a human being is any more important than that of any other living thing. Just read any anthropology book worth its salt and you will see the truth. The homo sapien is a rapacious conqueror and murderer by nature. He has come his way forging a path of blood, pain, and misery. And now, he stands at the brink of his own self-destruction.

Therefore, what is sacred is not life itself but how one lives one’s life. Life is – or should be – a meritocracy. Provision should be made for those who fall short, but the big BIG problem with present day Left Wing mentality is that it loves the idea of being a victim but is very selective in deciding just who the victims are. Thus, the murderer on Death Row eventually becomes a trendy ‘victim’, while the real victims are forgotten.

I am very much aware of human achievement and humanity at its best. But I view the human as nothing more than an advanced animal – often too advanced for his own good. As a soldier he kills with lust and impunity; he carries out as many death sentences as he possibly can and he does it against people who have never committed a crime. And often he comes back to Wife or Mom to a hero’s welcome.

Fuck this guy. There is nothing sacred about him, and there is no sanctity which has to kick in to guard his life. But he gets a pass because of ‘patriotism’ and because he was only ‘carrying out orders.’ When does this ‘civilized’ man simply say No to the sergeant major? He never has. Tell me, when is he going to start? And yet, we are dying from pangs of guilt for putting a single serial killer to death?

Now let’s consider very briefly, the question of abortion. I am a fan of ‘Pro- Choice.’ By all means, let’s champion the cause of women who want complete autonomy over their own reproductive systems and organs. But let’s not bullshit ourselves, OK? This woman is destroying – if she chooses to have an abortion – a living thing, a little forming entity that could – if nurtured – become a human being. In other words, she is taking something that is alive and making it dead. About this there can be no argument. So is it MURDER? The Church says Yes. Most of us say No. And I agree. Otherwise, we sure have a lot of murderous women running free. Some of them are our girlfriends and wives.

But the truth is: we can look past the dead villagers as ‘collateral damage.’ We can look past the dead fetuses as little pre-human worms that were blotted out before they had any ideas about self-preservation. We can do all this, and yet some people stay up pacing the floors all night over the fate of a savage murderer, rapist, or child killer. Why? Is this some kind of last ditch attempt to proclaim our ‘civilized humanity?”

In fact, I ask: Why are we hiding this in the deep corridors of the dark prison? Let’s have a Real Super Bowl, I say. Imagine the halftime show. You bring these guys out and shoot them from special cannons onto walls full of spikes, and watch them drip. The Super Bowl Dart Board! Or we could have the four way Boy Scout Tug of War in which the serial rapist and murderer is tied up on the 50 yard line and the scouts – tousle-headed innocents – pull in all four directions. The first arm or leg that comes off wins the prize: A trip to Disney World and a new pair of sneakers for each kid on the victorious team.

That’s what I think you do with serial murderers, as well as rapists and pedophiles whose crimes result in the death of their victims and the destruction of families. The latter two should be automatically castrated whether the victim dies or not – as long as it is proven beyond ALL DOUBT – and this is almost always the case with repeat offenders. If their actions cause the death of the victim, there should be no self-examination designed to make you wrestle with your psychological ‘guilt’. Get on with it. And don’t take 10 years and make the lawyers rich doing it.

In Japan, capital punishment is carried out soon after conviction. The condemned is not told when he will die until the morning of his execution and his family members don’t hear about it until afterwards. The Japanese don’t fuck about, do they? They really know how to stick it to a guy.

So finally, are we entitled to ‘revenge’ – or is that emotion uncivilized? You know how the ‘gentle sex’ – the women – like to say. ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’ What nice ladies. And in this case I agree with them. So don’t feel the slightest twinge of remorse about the extermination of some monster who didn’t rape and mutilate your child only because SHE wasn’t outside in the yard when HE passed by. You were lucky; think of those who weren’t. Forget God – he wasn’t watching either.

Ask yourself one final question, Artem, in earnest. Defending the right to life of a murderer of some abstract child is one thing. That child is a statistic about which a philosophical debate can arise.. But what if it’s YOUR child?

Maybe you will feel something less refined. More primitive. The triumph of blood over green tea.