The True Immortal Story Tale

Today, my dear children, I’ll tell you the true story, the story about a King and three of his sons. The first one, named Arler, was brave and smart, no one could ever beat him. The second one, named Barler, was not so smart, but far more handsome. He was well-known for his affairs. The third one was Carler.

He was born during the thunderstorm, and everyone thought that he was an evil. Still, he wasn’t the strongest one, he made no affairs, but probably he was the smartest one.

One day the great disaster happened in their neighborhood. The terrible creature of the darkness has captured the beautiful girl, named Elvina. She was the daughter of the wealthiest man in the town. He announced the huge reward for the human, who can defeat the creature and return Elvina home. Arler, Barler and Carler promised to take her back.

Their father gave them a blessing, and soon they went to the forest where creature lived. Arler, the eldest one, decided to overrun his brothers and came to the creatures’ hill during the night. He raised his sword and shouted: “Come here, coward! I’ll kill you”. The hill didn’t answer. Suddenly, the great dragon beyond the humans’ imagination appeared. His teeth were the biggest rocks of Scotland. His mouth was the way to Hell.

His eyes were brighter than the moon. And the fight started. They were fighting for the whole night and finally, Arler made a mistake. After that, no one has ever seen him. On the second night Barler, trying to cheat his brother, went to the hill. “Come here, let’s talk!” he said. The dragon appeared. “What do you want, the dirt under my fingers?” he roared. “I came here to make a suggestion. Give me the girl, and I’ll give you the half of all the treasures the king would give me. Or even more!” “I don’t need your treasures, crawler! I have tons of diamonds and gold in my cave. I need young beautiful flesh. During the fool moon, I turn into a man with green skin, and I need a girl for this case. I don’t need you, fool!” That was the end of the middle one.

The third night came. And there was silence around the hill. The dragon felt asleep. The fourth night came. The silence remained. And as soon as the fifth night came, and the dragon thought he can do anything with the girl, Carler appeared. There was a razor-sharpened blade in his arm, and he made no announcement. The darkness was in his eyes, the moonlight mirrored from his shaved skull, the demon thoughts were in his mind. He sneaked in the cave and came near the dragon. His blade came through the dragons’ chest and punctured his heart. As soon as the creature was dead, he lighted a torch and found a girl. He brought her back to his father and made a proposal. But he was rejected. As he thought to be an evil, he could marry the good girl. She turned her eyes to another kings’ son.

Three years passed away, and the disaster stroke again. The moorland creature came and killed all the man who tried to kill it. Carler went for his bow and sharpened the poisoned arrows. He took the curved dark sword and poisoned it. The night when evil came he was ready in the tower in the center of the town. He fired ten poisoned arrows, and came down, and cut the creatures’ neck with a dark sword so that it can never return again. In that moment Elvina understood, that no one can protect her as Carler, that the man with cruelty against cruel enemies can be better than the brainless brave one.
She married him, and they lived a happy long life, and they had three children, and there was no cruelty from Carler inside the house, but he had no pity to the enemies of his family and his kingdom. That’s why he was named Carler the Brave, but he wasn’t. He was a loving husband and father, a wise man, and a perfect protector. He was a Man. That’s why the bravery shouldn’t be blind.

If you take planned motivated actions, you will win.

===Artem Kovalev===

For my niece.

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  1. This captivating tale of kings and their sons weaves a rich tapestry of character dynamics and suspense. The contrasting traits of Arler, Barler, and Carler add depth to the narrative, showing that strength comes in various forms. As the story unfolds with the abduction of Elvina, the stage is set for a thrilling adventure where bravery, wit, and perhaps unexpected qualities will be tested. I’m intrigued to see how each prince’s unique attributes will come into play as they embark on this quest to rescue Elvina and claim the reward. Can’t wait to follow their journey and discover the true essence of heroism!

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