Why Freedom Of The Internet Matters? I Thought You Should Know

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Content advisory 14+  The Internet is one of the best things that ever happened to us. I’ll tell you why. We are living in days where there are arguments everywhere of whether having an open and unrestricted internet is important or not, due to the harm it may cause, opportunities to the crime it can bring. For me, the freedom of the internet matters – and I'm going to tell you what can happen without it.

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Free Exchange Of Ideas

Freedom of the internet has many benefits to all people across the world. When there is an open and unrestricted internet, it makes it possible for a steady flow of ideas from users in the global community. As a result, the sharing of ideas encourages development and innovations. A good example here is the online social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. This boosts social interaction with millions of people of all ages, gender, and occupations across the world.
With the online social network, an internet user creates a public profile which is shared with millions of users from different parts of the world and this boosts the rate of interaction. Like-minded users create online communities where they address problems that affect them. In this case, a firm solution to different problems is found and this promotes better living.

Economic Growth

Freedom of the internet has led to the emergence of income-generating businesses even to the very remote parts of the world. Through online social networks, an individual is able to showcase their products and services intended to solve a major problem facing many people in the world. Buyers from all over the world searching for such products or services connects easily with the seller and make purchases. So, the open and unrestricted internet has become a major boost to businesses. Remember, gone are the days when people used to travel long distances to locate stores where they can buy stuff. People want to purchase products right from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

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Small Businesses Thrives In Freedom Of The Internet

We can say that unrestricted internet opens a door for creative and innovative businesses to thrive. It provides the cheapest mode of advertising especially to small business who finds it difficult to use the conventional advertisement platforms which are highly unaffordable to business start-ups. An entrepreneur can advertise her baking business which she does at home but it connects her to the global community where she finds more clients than when selling in a physical store.

You’re Free To Speak Out Your Heart

In the online social networks, individuals freely give their opinions on different matters affecting the society. Unlike some decades ago where mediation was needed to make your voice heard, today anyone can freely speak out to address a social problem and reach a big audience with no need for a mediator.

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A Solution To Global Problems

Freedom of the internet connects millions of people worldwide and it helps people solve global challenges affecting them with ease. It also helps to boost democratic participation where anyone is free to give out his/her views pertaining a certain issue affecting the global community, be it climate changes, combating epidemics or issues of technology developments and other things affecting all humanity.

Let’s Fight For The Future

We are all looking forward to a more vibrant, creative and an awe-inspiring tomorrow. Aren’t we? Then, let’s keep winning victories for the internet. Let’s embrace the luxuries technology conveys and focus on building a strong global community, for there’s always something for everyone. Let's prevent restrictions and seek for opportunities, as blocking of the information is a Treason against humanity, against people of any country, under the reasons mentioned above.

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What Can Happen Without It?

There are many negative issues that would erupt with internet restriction. Many businesses –small or large are likely to be damaged due to lack of connectivity with their global customers. This leads to poor economic growth which results in poverty and, eventually, a lot of social crimes are experienced as people try to make ends meet.

Also, learning will be hindered. Learning is a key aspect of our lives. Freedom of the internet promotes learning at all levels. Without the open and unrestricted internet, learning will be hindered through limited social interaction and what we can expect is a dull and uninformed community.

These are just the two cases. And remember - lack of information helps to control what you like and what you buy, where you go and what you love. It is the Big Brother watching.

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===Artem Kovalev===

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  1. The celebration of the free exchange of ideas facilitated by the internet resonates deeply with the essence of connectivity and progress. Your elucidation of how platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube serve as conduits for global dialogue and collaboration is inspiring. Indeed, these virtual communities transcend geographical boundaries, fostering diverse perspectives and collective problem-solving.

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